Matcha Bar (Los Angeles, CA)

Matchabar (Los Angeles, CA) – I went to the ~cool~ part of Los Angeles, which is the now increasingly gentrified, hipster area known as Silverlake. After we had a really great brunch (which will be posted soon on this blog), we walked around for a bit, exploring a few shops and seeing this really cool staircase, before heading to Matchabar for a quick drink.


It’s a really cute shop when you walk in, filled with matcha accessories, baked goods, and books. They also have a fridge where they carry other drinks as well, but I mean, you’re there for the matcha goods!

I will admit I’m not a huge fan of matcha – I enjoy it in some of my pastries, but I’m not sure I can handle it in my drinks. It’s just too intense for me. My cousins enjoyed it though, since they ordered drinks. I was actually really craving ice cream and was trying to stay hydrated with water since it was a really hot day so I passed on ordering. The pastries looked really delicious and I would go back in the future to try them – I love sweet carbs way too much.

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The Holy Grail, double shot of matcha, maca, and Amara milk. I tried it, and it tasted super grassy to me. I don’t think I could drink this entire cup! I think matcha lovers would enjoy it because of the strong flavor.


This was their matcha latte, which I believe had almond milk in it. All of the drinks can be customized with whatever milk you would like, and they make the almond and cashew milks in house. I preferred this one more because it has a less matcha flavor and it gets more masked by the almond flavors.


I would totally come back on a day that I did not consume I ginormous brunch lol and would totally get a matcha latte – or maybe something smaller – for myself!


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