Driftwood Kitchen (Laguna Beach, CA)

Driftwood Kitchen (Laguna Beach, CA) – During the weekend that we attended my cousin’s wedding reception, the families went out to brunch the day after. This place was literally right next to where we were staying, so close that we all just walked over there. Driftwood Kitchen is the #1 brunch spot in Laguna, and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s such a nice, big space that has beachy vibes, a fantastic ocean view, and great outdoor seating.


We started off our meal with getting the Artisanal cheese plate. It’s based on their current selection, but I think we had a good mix of creamy and harder cheeses with the other key components such as nuts and jam. When I’m with my family and family friends, we have to have a cheese plate. It’s a requirement.



We also ordered Mini Muffins & Croissants, which came with a croissant, a plain muffin, and a blueberry muffin served with Vermont creamery butter. While the pastries were good, I would probably just stick with the cheese plate or get another shared plate for the group.



One of my cousins ordered the Caramelized Onion & Leek Soup, which was served with Gruyere cheese and oxtail broth. Looking at it, I Was very tempted to order it myself. It looked so creamy and rich from the cheese and caramelized onion is just so delicious. I never thought I would say that as a kid because I used to HATE onions with a passion. Now I feel like things aren’t complete without onions (which they’re not).


I believe my sister ordered the DK Benedict, an Eggs Benedict served with blood orange hollandaise, skillet potatoes, brussel sprouts and the option of bacon or steak. She chose steak as you can see above. The brussel sprouts were really good and flavorful – and I normally am not a big fan of how brussel sprouts taste.


I ordered the French Toast, which is granola crusted and served with caramelized hazelnut butter and Vermont maple syrup. I feel like the granola crust actually made it feel lighter and easier to eat. And I love anything hazelnut, so this was the perfect combination of flavors.

The lobby area where there are bathrooms has a boat feel too, where it feels like you’re in the cabin of a boat or ship and had other nautical accessories, but without feeling to gimmicky.

Overall, this is a really nice spot to have brunch with family or friends because that view and all of that light is just so stunning!


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