Museum of Ice Cream (Los Angeles, CA)

Museum of Ice Cream (Los Angeles, CA) – I managed to snag tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream in L.A. (Of course a couple of weeks before it was announced that it was coming to SF), so I got a whole fun weekend trip out of it! Usually that’s what happens when we go to L.A. – it’s always for some specific attraction and then we just eat a lot lol. I also got a lot of footage while walking around the museum and exhibits, which is featured in my latest vlog! Be sure to check that out below as well as the picspam that follows (because that’s honestly half the reason we all go to these places – to get food and Instagram worthy pics):

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This is the first room you enter after your guide gives you the low down on all of the rules. Oh, and some beginning chocolate of course. I got to talk to Seth Rogen about healthcare, which honestly seems pretty appropriate given today’s political climate. Growing up, I was never a huge fan of pink, but I’ve really been embracing it in the last year, and so this room was super cute!

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Thankfully, we’re not left hungry for long, and got served Afters Ice Cream! It was vanilla with brownie mixed in, and of course the ice cream was dyed fun blue and pink colors. Somehow dyed ice cream just tastes better because of the colors. This was really rich and creamy, and I hope to be able to pop into one of their locations next time time I go down south!


This is just so specific to Southern California. I wonder what it would say up in the Bay?


This was my favorite room! A whole room dedicated to my favorite flavor? I die. It was so pretty and green, and  I would totally want that neon sign in my room. It also smelled so fresh and minty in there with all of the fresh plants growing. We also got served mint mochi by My / Mo, who makes mochi in a bunch of different flavors! I think this officially sold me on it – I was never a huge fan before, but having it in a flavor I love sealed the deal.



Giant, over sized melting Popsicles are just so much fun! The whimsy of this place is just so much fun and feel good, from the covered walls, happy quotes, and the fantastical gummy bear statues.


This was also another one of my favorites. The statue just seems so over it and is ready to call it a day. In this room, you get the option of eating several different candies. I think this used to be the room where you would get ice cream in a charcoal cone, but they seemed to have phased it out, unfortunately. I did get some chocolate cherry candy that was pretty good though.


Eventually we made our way to the final room, which has a bunch of fun things and of course more ice cream! I was disappointed to see that the ice cream pancake sandwich wasn’t offered anymore. I heard it was really good and it sounds like something I would love! But it’s okay, I did get some fun pink ice cream with a little surprise on the bottom (spoiler alert: sprinkles).

And from there, you eventually end up in the gift shop. We all ended up buying water because were so thirsty from all of that creamy dessert! I appreciated the label – you really do need to detox from all of that sugar! While I had a fun time at the Museum, I do wish the other desserts were still offered. It sucks that they switch it up and it’s not necessarily the same caliber of dessert. I do think the SF location looks better in that it has more space to roam around. Do check out the vlog to see the whole walkthrough!

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