Bayfood’s Top 10 Recipes of the Decade

Instead of doing a top ten list of places I ate in the year like I usually do, I thought I’d go all out and do a decade long round up of some of my favorite posts on the blog! Bayfood has technically been around since 2010, back when it was a really casual Tumblr blog when I used to reblog other people’s content. It was a really cool way to build community, but as I started to grow, I focused more on my own content that I created (like recipes) or curated from my own photos and adventures.

This round up is of the Top 10 recipes that I’ve posted in the last decade. These aren’t done by number of views or shares or likes, but rather my most favorite recipes and recipes that have become a staple in my house.

10. Homemade donuts

I love donuts. It’s one of those baked goods that’s not only universally liked, but they’re devoured in my house. I love those old school donuts you get in a pink box and the fancy, artisanal ones that have been popping around in the last couple of decades (shout out to Doughnut Plant for showing me next level donuts in 2010!). A few years ago, we (meaning my mom and I, since this was back when I was pretty sick before the heart transplant) took it to the next level and made donuts at home. She went the traditional route and fried them – they came out pretty good but they get hard quickly. I wanted to try my hand at making baked donuts, so I bought a cheap but quality donut pan, found a great recipe (find the donut base and glazes: 1 2 3 4), and made different glazes, and topped them in a variety of ways! I made them for a friend’s birthday once and it was a hit, so I really want to bring these back in 2020. Such an easy and fun way to be fancy!

9. Savory waffles

I really like waffles (though pancakes are also awesome). When I came across a savory waffle, it blew my mind. Combining cheddar cheese and chives into a fluffy waffle sounded genius! And it was confirmed when I made it at home for myself. Savory twists on sweet things are now a favorite twist of mine, and I’ve made these multiple times since. You can continue to eat them with butter or syrup, or go full on savory like the time I added pastrami and a poached egg!

7. Yellow cake

Although this was a fun recipe and the custard was pretty bomb, the yellow cake is what really stuck with me. It was relatively easy to make at home, and I got a really moist, soft yellow cake out of it! Yellow cake is a household favorite – it never lasts long in the house, and I never really need to frost or decorate cake, we just eat it plain. I’ve made it several times since then because it’s consistently light and fluffy, although I have ventured out and tried another recipe as well. But I copied it down on my own blog (because it’s not my recipe!) for safe keeping.

7. Aush

We’ve been eating Afghan food for so long that this Aush recipe has long been a family staple. Aush is an Afghan soup that has a tomato-chicken broth base and includes noodles, lentils, ground beef, yogurt, and mint for garnish. It’s such a hearty and comforting soup, that I always need to get it when we order Afghan food. My mom also makes it for me when I’m not feeling great or just when it’s cold outside. Sadly, the restaurant that made me fall in love with it is no longer open. 😦

6. Game of Thrones finale feast

I’m mostly proud of this one because I literally put together a semi-homemade feast just for a blog post! I’ve always wanted to create a spread like this, and what better way than to commemorate the ending of a global phenomenon? I’m not going to talk too much about that last season because it was a major letdown, but I can always look back fondly at how much planning this took from the recipes, cooking, and food styling! Also, forever obsessed with roasted rainbow carrots.

5. Biryani

I didn’t cook this one at all. Like, I didn’t even help out in any way or form. But, my mom has made Biryani a few times for my friends and work potlucks and I’ve come back with rave reviews! So, I knew I had to have her write down her recipe one day for posterity and because moms don’t really cook with measured ingredients. The most unique part about this recipe is that it’s vegetarian! Biryani is traditionally made with meat (often chicken), but my sister and I would always end up eating around the meat when we were younger, so my mom just stopped including it lol. She’s also made it vegetarian because I have vegetarian friends and past co-workers, so it’s a great option to bring to a potluck that’s very easily (and meant to be) made in large quantities.

4. Shakshuka

Whew, when I discovered the magic of poached eggs, it took my life to the next level. I was OBSESSED with eggs Benedict, and when I discovered shakshuka – it was game over. I had seen it floating around the internet for awhile, and when I finally got Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem, I knew it was time to make it at home. Shakshuka is a Tunisian dish which has spread to a lot of different Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. It literally means “a mixture”. Since it’s with eggs, it’s usually listed under breakfast on restaurant menus, but it can also be eaten as an evening meal, which is what I do! Unfortunately, I can no longer have poached eggs because of the heart transplant and the pasteurized egg company I used to use is no longer in business, but I think I’m going to use hard boiled eggs from now on because the tomato sauce is so delicious!

3. Flautas

Whenever I go to Chevy’s, I used to always order flautas. I love the fried goodness of the tortillas, and the chicken filling inside. It was always a nice treat and way to switch it up from just getting a burrito or taco, that I would start doing ordering it whenever I saw it on a Mexican restaurant’s menu. Eventually, it got to the point where my mom decided to learn how to make it at home, especially when I was on my low sodium restriction. Since then, it’s become a great dinner option! If only I could eat fried foods every day, ha.

2. Homemade Gyros

Gyros are an ultimate favorite. I love the thinly sliced lamb and/or beef combo that’s wrapped in a thick flatbread, with veggies and a garlicky tzatziki. My mouth is literally watering as I’m typing this. I love the salty flavors of the seasoned meat – it’s so delicious! This was another pre and post transplant venture my mom took on – how to make gyro meat at home! It’s really not feasible to order a gyro out every day lol, so this really made it accessible to have gyros whenever I want! After some trial and error, my mom came up with her own recipe, and she’ll make it a couple of times a year so that we can portion the meat, freeze it, and thaw whenever I’m in the mood!

1. Puri Chana Tacos

This takes the top spot because I’m so proud that a random idea I had actually came together and was executed successfully! Mexican (or it’s likely a Cali-Mex combo lol) food is one of my favorites, and I always want to find ways to combine it with Pakistani food to come up with an interesting fusion dish. I thought of this after eating a Chalupa at Taco Bell. Like the chalupa tortilla, a Puri is also deep fried and more flaky. I decided to go full on Pakistani by making each of the related ingredient (i.e. black beans became chickpeas or chana) it’s Pakistani equivalent. I can’t wait to make these again when I get my hands on puris from my mom or aunt!

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