Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery (Seattle, WA)

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery (Seattle, WA) – With a name like that, you bet I had to go look it up even though I had a feeling it would end up on my itinerary. Weirdly, I really like lava cakes (the’d randomly serve them at my old workplace for dessert frequently), so I’m glad it ended up working out that we could go have some!

We got to Hot Cakes after taking some time to hang out at home after an early dinner, so we probably got there around 9:30 PM. And it was packed! We were standing right at the door entrance when we got in line, but the line moves pretty quickly.

We stopped by the Capitol Hill location and it’s bigger than I thought on the inside, including seating along the windows with barstools. It feels really cozy inside with the ambient lighting, the plants, and minimal decor.

While, of course, molten cakes are their speciality, they also serve other baked goods, milkshakes (regular and boozy), cocktails and other drinks like sipping hot chocolate, and savory bites like grilled cheese and mac and cheese. They’re also committed to using and sourcing organic and local ingredients, and list all of their partners on their website.

When we were during the end of August, the seasonal cake was a blackberry lavender molten cake. Made with organic Pacific Northwest blackberries from a local Washington state farm, dark chocolate, and lavender compote, served with a side of vanilla ice cream with a lemon almond cookie on top. And we got a glass of milk to help offset the richness we were about to eat!

The top one is one of their classics and mainstays on the menu, the peanut butter cup. It’s their dark decadence cake (local Seattle Theo chocolate and dry-burned caramel), with peanut butter center, candied peanuts, and served with a vanilla ice cream, peanut butter fudge and peanut butter caramel.

This was so good! I think it’s a really good size, but easily sharable because it’s such a rich dessert. I really liked the compote because it worked well with the more bitter cake, as did the ice cream. It was such a good combo of bitter, sweet, fruity, and richness. I actually ended up eating most of it! The peanut butter cup one was great as well, but I’m not a huge peanut butter fan, so I stuck with my favorite berries. 🙂

I’m definitely down to come back – or grab one to go since I know it’ll be delicious!

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