Bun Appétit (Fremont, CA)

Bun Appétit (Fremont, CA) – My new favorite donut place isn’t in San Francisco or Berkeley or San Jose – it’s in Fremont! Bun Appétit opened at the end of September last year, and I made my way over at the end of December and I’ve been there at least three times since then!

Surprisingly (or well, it shouldn’t be lol), it’s pretty busy in the mornings! It makes sense since everyone wants donuts for breakfast, and they also serve coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and toasts. I try to go earlier in the day since they start to sell out of popular flavors (like my favorite, which you’ll see below), and will close early if they sell out completely!

While they have their permanent flavors, they also switch things up with different seasonal offerings, so you definitely have to come in regularly to try their new flavors! They also have other pastries like scones. So much to eat, not enough stomach!

Okay, let’s start with my favorite – this is what sold me on checking out Bun Appétit before I even tried it: an Everything Donut! It’s a savory donut that tastes like an everything bagel on the outside, with chive cream cheese stuffed on the inside! If you’ve ever had those Bantam Bagels from Starbucks, it’s similar to that, but 1000x better! It’s my favorite bagel combo too, so I had to go try it.

Look how stuffed it is inside! The last time I went, I split one and ordered two to go! Best idea ever, since it was my breakfast at work Monday morning. I ate it way too fast. It’s so soft and fluffy on the outside since it’s brioche dough, and the chive cream cheese just oozes out of it with each bite you take.

I also tried the Cookies n’ Cream flavor, which was also good! Cookies n’ Cream isn’t my favorite flavor, but I liked this one since it wasn’t too sweet. It’s similar to the Everything donut in that it’s also filled with the cream and you also get a good helping of cream with each bite.

Since the Lemon Elderflower donut was a special that weekend, I seized the opportunity to try it! It’s filled with lemon curd inside, covered with an elderflower glaze and elderflower whipped cream, and garnished with fresh lemon and lime zest. It was such an interesting combination: the elderflower kept it from being too tart and the lemon kept it from getting too floral – the perfect balance. Bun Appétit describes elderflower as tasting similar to lychee.

The very first time I came, I went all out and bought a half dozen box to take home. My family loves donuts, so I knew that these wouldn’t go to waste. But while I was enjoying my everything donut (definitely my staple item when I go there), I need coffee. Donuts and coffees are the perfect match. Bun Appétit serves Verve Coffee and uses Clover milk. I’ve had lattes and a cappuccino here, and they were both pretty good! My friend also liked her chai latte a lot.

In the left column, top to bottom: Pepppermint, Guava Cheesecake, Classic Vanilla Bean. In the right column top to bottom: Calamansi, Matcha Cream, and Double Chocolate. They have such an interesting variety!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My favorite of these were the Peppermint Chocolate and the Matcha Cream. I’ve always loved filled donuts since I was a kid, so anything that has a custard or a cream inside always wins me over as with peppermint or mint flavors! The Calamansi was a cool flavor, it’s similar to a lemon, though it’s a different fruit but I did find it a bit too tart to eat in one sitting. The Guava Cheesecake, though it’s their best seller, was decent – but it hasn’t been my favorite of what I’ve tried.

Honestly, I’m already planning my next visit for when I have family in town! It’s really exciting seeing these unique eateries pop up in smaller cities like Fremont since it’s been lacking options like this. And honestly, if I could eat an Everything Donut everyday and not gain 2348234 pounds, I would do it.

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