A Baked Joint (Washington, D.C.)

A Baked Joint (Washington D.C.) – Whenever I’m traveling, I always have to do some research about wherever I’m going (even if it’s a place I’ve been to more than once). A lot can change in five years, and that’s very true for D.C. I actually found this bakery and cafe through Instagram (shout-out to Infatuation D.C.), and I was intrigued. Who doesn’t want to sip on coffee and eat delicious biscuits in the morning? I liked it so much I went there again the day I was leaving! That never happens.


A Baked Joint is the sister store to Baked & Wired, which is a bakery I had already heard about – which already had the seal of approval from a friend. It’s a big cafe spot where you can get work done or socialize with friends. It’s also in an area of D.C. that’s getting revitalized and updated.

I popped into the cafe on my first full day in D.C. Thankfully, we weren’t too tired, so we made it there at a decent hour before going to check out some museums that I haven’t been to before. It looks really modern yet rustic on the outside and it has some kitschy elements on the inside – with the different armchairs and furniture.

You’re greeted with an assortment of pastries and it was very tempting to get some baked goods along with our brunch. We came on a Friday, so the breakfast options are extended later in the day but we could also benefit from the lunch options. My sister and I ordered a biscuit each, coffees, and a soup to share. Later when we came back, she ordered a breakfast biscuit sandwich and I ordered labneh toast.


I wasn’t sure what to think when the biscuit came out. It wasn’t a giant fluffy blob like the ones I had in Louisiana. BUT, it was crunchy on the inside, soft on the inside and each nook and cranny had all of these delicious fresh herbs. It looked like a homemade biscuit and it tasted so much better than I could have anticipated! We even got extras to go for the flight – and my mouth still waters thinking about them. The breakfast sandwich is also another great way to experience them.

Even though those were AMAZING, you better not be sleeping on the rest of their food either. I can’t quite figure out if I was just super hungry (even though I had an amazing dinner the night before) or cold, but their baked potato is so good! It’s so rich and creamy and a little gooey with the cheese. The biscuits tasted really good dipped in it. Their menu also has a bunch of other great options between their sandwiches, salads, and soups – and this doesn’t even include their sweet and savory bakery options!


They had several different roasts for their coffee, and I believe they rotate them to have a mix of more well-known brands like Intelligentsia to more local ones. My latte was great and they write on your cup with a highlighter, hehe. They spelled my sister’s name wrong but it’s all good haha.

And finally their labneh toast. You can actually get a slice of bread with different options and add-ons, as well as one of their specials of the moment. I ordered the Turmeric Labneh, which came with quinoa turmeric bread, labneh yogurt, Za’atar, olive oil, lemon zest, and maldon sea salt. The labneh was so creamy and tangy and I love Za’atar – it’s such a delicious herb blend! I really recommend trying their breads as well because it’s all made in-house!


A Baked Joint is also creating a space for the community – whether it’s their pizza nights (which sounds awesome, I want handcrafted pizza from them!) or movie nights! If I lived here, I would totally come way too often. Can’t wait to come back to D.C. soon to stock up in biscuits!


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