Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe (Fremont, CA)

Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe (Fremont, CA) – I was randomly looking for a potential brunch spot and came across Nature’s Microcreamery. It looked like a cute spot that had a bunch of options from coffee, sandwiches, avocado toast, and ice cream. So, I went and checked it out on a warm afternoon and it was pretty busy!

Niles comes to life during the weekends, and the Nature and Soul cafe is no different. Luckily we got there right before the rush started, so we managed to find a table and order quickly. The inside is minimal and rustic, there’s art on the wall that looks like its dripping down the walls and there are wood benches and tables. It kind of reminds me of a industrial tech office in the way that it’s decorated.

I ordered a latte, which was really good! I was pleasantly surprised since Devout is nearby, so they have stiff competition in that department. I wish I knew what brand they were using to shout them out as well. I did add some sugar, but I love my lattes sweet. It wasn’t bitter at all, so that was good.

I also ordered the Rainbow toast. I wasn’t too hungry so I split this. You get two slices of toast with tomatoes, avocado, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar, and soul fresh green sauce. I liked everything on the toast – the generous helping of avocado, the thick chunks of mozzarella, and the condiments added great flavor. My only problem was the actual toast. It was literally slices from a loaf of bread that you pick up at any grocery store. I feel like it really brought down the dish because it wasn’t thick of hearty enough. In my opinion, you need really good bread for avocado toast to reach its potential. I would only pass because of the underwhelming bread.

The ice cream though – that’s what sold me on the cafe. They make artisan flavors in house and rotate them. There’s a wide variety of selections, so you have your classic flavors like mint chocolate chip and unique ones like orange cardamom. There also vegan flavors too, so there’s something for everyone.

Instead of getting a big scoop of one flavor, we ordered their ice cream flight. I think it’s the best way to try several flavors at once and you can share it with others. I really liked the small portion size because we easily finished it. Though that seems like a con for their flight, the flavors are really bright and it’s creamy.

We ordered the Salted Sage Pecan, Chocolate Aztec, Saffron Pistachio, and Vanilla. We kept one simple as kind of a palette cleanser. All of them were really delicious and you can taste all of their unique notes like the sage and the pistachio. I was really feeling the Chocolate Aztec that day because it’s basically like Mexican hot chocolate!

Overall, it’s a cute spot that has some good options for everyone. I would personally pass on the toasts and sandwiches, and just come for the coffee and ice cream! Also, I’m always excited to support businesses that are not only locally women owned, she’s a woman of color, and she’s South Asian.

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