Boba Fitt Drinks (Union City, CA)

Boba Fitt Drinks (Union City, CA) – I was looking for a boba spot around this parts of the East Bay since we usually always want to go to Happy Lemon, and that’s a ways away in either direction. I honestly picked this spot because of the pun, and I’m happy I did!

It wasn’t too busy when I popped in, and I like that the places feel clean and new. It makes me want to stay and socialize versus a few other places that aren’t as tidy. They are a variety of drinks on their menu – ranging from the traditional milk teas, non milk teas, coffees, and other fruity drinks that have straight-to-the-point names like “Reboot”. These drinks are different fruit combinations, and also include real fruit inside! Boba Fitt also has a bunch of snacks as well if you’re looking to grab a bite with your boba.

I generally keep it simple. Once in awhile I will go for a hazelnut or Nutella, but it can make my drink too sweet – and I generally keep it at 100% sugar. So, I stuck with a Classic Milk Tea. I also think it’s a good barometer to compare boba spots.

It did take some time for our order to be completed, but I didn’t mind – we were the only ones who were there at what seemed like a lull. I really liked my milk tea – the tea was flavorful, not watered down even though I had 80% ice, and the sugar amount was perfect for me (I do err on the side of sweet, however). The boba itself was great – it was soft and chewy, just the way it should be. Now that I’ve made boba a few times, I know it’s not a good look if it’s hard and sticky that it makes it difficult to chew lol.

Overall, I had a great experience! I definitely look forward to coming back when I’m in the area – they also do stamp cards, which is always exciting.


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