Skillet’z Cafe (Fremont, CA)

Skillet’z Cafe (Fremont, CA) – I meant to go hang out in Berkeley today with my friends to eat some Southern food – before we all go back to work – but instead we found ourselves in Niles. We ran late (which really means I ran late), so we made our way to Skillet’z, where we were welcomed with huge portions and cozy vibes to escape the wind and rain. Sometimes change of plans end up being the best of plans!


I’ve been meaning to check out Skillet’z for awhile, but I always get derailed because I get full and hyped off of coffee at Devout. But, I’ve made a mental note to start focusing on restaurants again instead of just cute cafes (even though I love them), so one of my friends suggested Skillet’z. I was down for some cozy brunch foods on a rainy day. It was actually pretty full, with about 2/3s of the tables taken on a Thursday afternoon, which was surprising (especially considering the rain!). I didn’t know they had a back patio – found that out through Yelp – so really want to sit out there next time.


While waiting for our other friend to come through, my friend and I ordered vanilla lattes. They come in large mason jars, with whipped cream swirled on top and chocolate sprinkles. Also appreciate the Pocky stick on top! Make sure to mix it because I kept getting solely coffee at the bottom at first so I was stuck with the bitter flavors. Once you mix it up a little, everything balances out and you get the necessary sugar. It’s really addicting especially since it’s an iced latte.


Once we all got settled in, we took our time ordering. Our waitress was really patient with us, which I appreciate it! Of course, since it’s called Skillet’z, they have an omelette section on their menu, along with other traditional breakfast items like pancakes and waffles, but there also sandwiches. The restaurant closes at 3 so they only serve breakfast and lunch. We also sat above a white board that had the menu written up, along with some of their specials; so I would make sure to check that out. In the end, we all ordered sides since one friend had been here previously and made sure to mention to us the large portions. I’m so glad we made that decision!


We ordered standard, classic dishes – especially surprising for me since I usually like to venture out. My friends ordered the same things: hash browns and french toast, with one friend ordering a bowl of fruit and another one extra breakfast potatoes. One can never have too many potatoes. I settled on ordering a waffle and a side of hash browns as well.


My waffle was crisp on the edges but nice and fluffy on the inside – which is how I like it. I don’t want it to be too soggy or burnt. My friends really enjoyed their french toast as well – it was the perfect way to pass a rainy afternoon by cozying up with comforting breakfast foods. Our only issue was that we had a hard time finishing because portions are so plentiful!


Overall, it was a great experience, and I can’t wait to come back to try other things on their menu, like Skillet’z’ breakfast burrito. In the meantime, I have my leftovers to tide me over. 🙂

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