Bare Bowl (Palo Alto, CA)

BARE BOWL (Palo Alto, CA) – Two days before the full solar eclipse, I woke up early on a Saturday morning (rare) and put pants on and left the house on an errand (even more rare). My goal was to get to Warby Parker when it opened to get eclipse glasses since they were supposed to be getting one last shipment that day. However, everyone did that too and I got there right as they gave away their last one. I should’ve woken up earlier. With that, I decided to walk over to Bare Bowl and grab some breakfast since I was disappointed and sad.


I walked in and it’s decorated really nicely inside. I really liked the light fixtures! It’s a cool and fresh shop that has all the kids coming in on a Saturday morning. Seriously, it was high schoolers and college kids walking into the shop. I felt way too old and too brown for this place. But whatever, this was the one time I wanted an acai bowl, so I was going to get it!


Bare Bowls prides itself on sourcing locally and sustainable. All of the bowls are gluten free, vegan, and use locally made granola and raw honey. In addition to the traditional acai smoothie bowls, they have blends, hot oatmeals, and coconut yogurt bowls. You can also customize the preset options they have with different add-ons.

I ordered the small size of the Unplugged – a base of acai, cacao powder, and cashew milk and topped with granola, cacao nib, roasted almond, blueberries (that I added), and drizzled with honey.


This was the small size and it came out to 11 dollars. While I was happy with my selection, I was disappointed by this bowl. It was just all chocolatey cashew milk, with a little bit of the toppings on top. I was maybe a third way done with the bowl and basically only had the thick smoothie part left, which sucks when there’s no toppings. IT felt like a rip off for the size I paid, and even worse considering it was the small size.


I’ve had acai bowls in the past that were better and had way more options with the ingredients and toppings, and better price point for the portion. Bare Bowls is cute, but I’ll leave it to the kids – I’m kinda over this food trend.



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