Gonutz with Donuts (Fremont, CA)


GONUTZ WITH DONUTS (Fremont, CA) – I’ve been seeing Gonutz’ donuts all over Instagram, especially the elusive Unicorn donuts, which are super adorable. Turns out they only make them on Sunday morning, so I planned a lunch date with a friend to make it out for donuts before our meal.


I drove across to the other end of Fremont, in the Irvington area, where this unassuming donut shop is. It’s a little hard to find, but it’s right near a Starbucks. the lot is small since it’s a tiny strip of shops, but I found parking pretty easily around 11 AM. Unfortunately, that meant I didn’t make it in time for the Unicorn donuts, but they have plenty of others to go around.



When you walk in, you’re greeted with the sight of nicely decorated donuts. However, it didn’t reflect all of what they had in stock, and a staff member let me know what my options were, and if there was something not in the display I wanted, they could make it fresh for me. My friend ordered the Oreo Cookie donut, with a white glaze, cookie crumbles and Oreos on top. I ordered the Cookie Monster, which is a donut with blue glaze and Oreo.


They were very nicely decorated, and I like they were like the old fashioned donuts you get at old school bakeries or even the grocery store, but I felt like it lacked something. All of these decorated donuts, all have the same base, they’re just decorated with frosting. I wish there were more variety of donuts flavors coupled with the glaze; it would’ve made it more interesting. Mine also didn’t come with an Oreo like it’s described, and I felt like it had a hint of blueberry, which it didn’t seem like it was supposed to have. And the donuts could have been a little more fluffier… they felt a little empty.


Overall, it’s a cute shop, and I like the concept, but I expected the donuts to be more complex. I don’t get the point of having plain donuts that are just decorated differently. However, if I ever do get up early enough, I am down to swing by for a unicorn donut for the ‘gram.



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