The Harry Potter Shower of Every Witch’s Dreams (Part 3)

Mischief Managed.


I know, you were wondering where the dessert was. Don’t worry, I gotchu. We all enjoy sweets (probably the bride’s fiancé the most – but he was, unfortunately, not in attendance), and our bride liked the idea of a dessert bar instead of a cake. And so, we fulfilled that request. We set up our Honeydukes in the breakfast nook of the kitchen, conveniently located next to the Great Hall tables. There was something for everyone – from cupcakes to cookies to butterscotch pudding!


These gorgeous cookies deserved a picture on their own! The baker, GRACIE BAKES, did a brilliant job of executing our requests. After perusing through everyone’s party planner, Pinterest, we simply had too many ideas for cookies! The top were Weasley sweaters, with the bride and groom’s first initials, respectively. They’re both Ravenclaws, so they should’ve been blue, but I guess the purple and gold works alright since they’re from Southern California, heh. We also wanted the sorting hat and broomsticks, which were so cute! The bottom left cookies said “She’s Found a Catch” and “He’s Found a Keeper”, which are Quidditch related! And then there are Amortentia love potions next to it. They were honestly too cute to eat. Even if I did take one of each, later on. >:)


Though we couldn’t bring real Honeydukes chocolate to the party (which is too bad because the chocolate is fantastic), we took Hershey’s bars and wrapped them in Honeydukes labels. Just in case someone needed a pick me up and Dementor relief. For the Golden Snitches, Ferrero Rocher chocolates were used and we stuck little wings on either side of each candy. So simple yet so adorable.


You didn’t think I forgot about the cupcakes, did you? They deserved a giant picture on their own, too. The baker (BELL KITCHEN) did an AMAZING job on these! We requested house scarves, house crests,and Platform 9 ¾ signs. She totally delivered. And to my surprise, there were several different flavors! There was vanilla funfetti, red velvet, chocolate, and lemon raspberry. Each of them had a delicious filling as well. Again, these were so pretty that it was almost difficult to eat. Almost. They were amazingly delicious.

And this was my other big contribution. In Part 1 of this series, you may have seen the chocolate frogs resting on top of each table setting. These were part of our favors for our guests. My sister and I (she did a lot of the work to be honest) configured a template for our Cricut, which cut them all out, but then we had to sit there and fold every single box (as did the rest of the planning squad). So many little tabs to glue and tape in! I found a TEMPLATEfor a chocolate frog card that matched the ones you can buy at the park, and inserted the bride onto it. I also wrote a fun little bio on the back, which combined some of her favorite characters! For the actual frog, I simply purchased a FROG MOLD FROM AMAZON, bought TRADER JOE’S MILK CHOCOLATE, melted them down into the mold and cooled them. It’s so simple to make – and they tasted incredible.

Other little favors included HARRY POTTER GLASSES for each guest, BROOMSTICK PENS that were used during the games, and the little Harry Potter glasses and Luna Lovegood’s Quibbler glasses, which were also used during a game.

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