The Harry Potter Bridal Shower of Every Witch’s Dreams (Part 2)

Mischief Managed.


Onto everyone’s favorite part: the food. We divided the Great Hall into two separate sections. You saw the first part, with the Great Hall tables. This is the actual Great Hall feast, which greeted our guests right when they entered! The dining room had a ton of space for our plentiful spread and a great chandelier, too. The “Muggle to Mrs.” burlap banner was PURCHASED ON ETSY.


Since it was lunch time, we wanted to keep our food light and easy for our guests. Most of our food was homemade, with the exception of the salads (though that awesome kale salad was a mix we had to put together!). We had deviled “dragon” eggs, and two types of tea sandwiches (cucumber/mint and chicken salad). Each of our menu items had a fun Harry Potter related name too – such as Severus Snape’s Shepherd’s Pie!


My big contribution to our menu were the Cornish Pasties. After we all had them at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, we knew we had to serve them at the bridal shower. We made a mushroom-spinach-feta one for our vegetarian guests and a jerk chicken flavor. Pasties are incredibly easy – all you need it pie dough, cut them into circles, fill them with your ingredients of choice, and bake them! The possibility are endless – both sweet and savory. Our drinks (besides Gillywater a.k.a. regular, refreshing H2O) were Amortentia (pink lemonade) and – you guessed it – Butterbeer! I have made BAKINGDOM’S RECIPE in the past, but the foam still was not to my liking after having multiple drinks at the parks. I think our mix of heavy cream and marshmallow cream (adapted from THIS RECIPE) on top of good quality cream soda was the best imitation yet! Our guests could choose whichever they liked and sip on them in mason jars with little house flags.


Hanging before the Great Hall feast were the famous floating candles. We really wanted to hang them on the ceiling where the chandelier was, but it was pretty impossible for any of us to go that high – even with tall friends. The floating candles are pretty easy to make (paper towel rolls, glue gun, and paint) but in the interest of time since we got carried away, we also ordered THESE ON ETSY. You simply hang them up and drop in a battery operated tea candle. They looked so good floating in the dining room that no one wanted to bring them down afterwards!


What’s British food without SHEPHERD’S PIE? We had to class it up, of course. One of our friends made a deconstructed shepherd’s pie with the biscuit, the filling, and sauce one on top of the other. Oh, and rosemary for garnish, because we’re just fancy like that.

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