The Harry Potter Bridal Shower of Every Witch’s Dream (Part 5)

Mischief Managed. 


We were thinking of hanging envelopes around the fireplace (to symbolize the envelopes flying out at Harry in Sorcerer’s Stone), but our Owlery ended up having so much stuff we didn’t need it! One of our friends put together the tattered tablecloth, the cage, and the packages. We used this as the gift table, and had a frame of the bride and groom for friends to sign.


One of our games was for guests to try BERTIE BOTT’S EVERY FLAVOR BEANS and guess the flavor. Well, I purchased the beans, so I got a little mean and made almost all of them the ugly flavors! There was earwax, dirt, tobasco, and rotten egg, among the flavors. It was priceless watching everyone’s disgusted reactions and the answers afterwards!


The little glasses were used in a game where the guests had to decide if the following statements applied to the bride or groom. The groom was the Harry Potter glasses and the bride was Luna Lovegood’s Quibbler glasses. Also, I’m pretty sure I tied with the winner, not second place since a couple of the statements could be contested. Ahem. For our gift bags, we had a combination of paper gift bags and these adorable HARRY POTTER DRAWSTRING POUCHES! I fought really hard to get Harry Potter, but unfortunately I lost.


And the photobooth. We had a simple background with glasses, snitches, and thunderbolts. We purchased a set of PHOTOBOOTH PROPS FROM ETSY that were bridal shower and Harry potter themed. But, I also had a bunch of Harry Potter stuff lying around my house, so we had real wands, scarves, and glasses that our guests could wear. I also brought Ron’s Weasley sweater that was incorporated into our decor.


The Daily Prophet newspapers are easily found online, and so easy to print! They looked so realistic and blended well at our games table. On the right, our friend actually packaged all of the boxes together with the ties and crests. She also purchased wax seals from Etsy and put them on envelopes. Everyone’s fantastic attention to detail made our Harry Potter Bridal shower one no one will ever forget!

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