The Harry Potter Bridal Shower of Every Witch’s Dreams

Mischief Managed.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. My family members are big Harry Potter fans. My cousin, who is getting married this year, is a big Harry Potter fan, so much so that she got her fiancé into Harry Potter as well. So naturally, when it came time to throw her a bridal shower – we had to make it Harry Potter themed! However, there’s a fine line between making kiddish and/or Halloween-ish, so we needed to age and class up Harry Potter. That was an interesting task. After weeks of internet research, e-mail chains, and WhatsApp chats, we somehow got it all together!


Initially, we considered hosting the party at a venue. But nothing really had that Harry Potter vibe. But the bride’s childhood home was surprisingly really perfect for Harry Potter! When you’re coming to Hogwarts, you must go through the bricks of Platform 9 3/4s! We purchased this amazing brick wall cloth (FOUND HERE ON ETSY), cut it up, and hung it in front of the door. They actually have a movable lamp post at the house, which we moved to the front yard as well, hanging a Platform 9 ¾ sign in front of it.


After passing through the brick walls, our guests walked through the Herbology greenhouse to enter the inside of the castle. Again, lucky for us, there are an array of plants leading up to the front door. All we had to do was print out a couple of signs – instant wizard plants! Most prominently on display was, of course, the Mandrake. I only wished we had a chance to purchase ear muffs to put next to it. 🙂 Luckily, no one passed out during our party.


The bride mentioned that she wanted long tables – like those rustic, communal long tables where everyone sits and has a meal. She also wanted it outside. While their backyard would’ve made an amazing Forbidden Forest, we out here in 100+ degree Fresno heat, so no one was about to do to that, heh. Instead, we brought the tables inside to recreate a smaller Great Hall and had four total – one for each house! Most of the things we purchased – either on sale at Michaels or at the dollar store – but the tables, chairs, napkins, and water goblets were rented.


Our starting point were the table settings. This is where we combined the rustic aesthetic with the greenery, bottles, and lights. The chocolate frogs were homemade as were the boxes (you can see more about it here). With the burlap and the luxurious looking runners, it was a good way to make the Great Hall look fancy but cozy. Those tall bottles were from the dollar store, and we simply wedged the gold candles inside of it to make them look like fancy candleholders. Also, those little LED FAIRY LIGHTs are battery powered, which made it really easy to put it on each table! Any lit candles were also battery powered, since we didn’t want anyone to knock things over and start a fire, lol.


Our bride is a Ravenclaw through and through, so we had to place something special at her seat. At the middle of the Ravenclaw table, we set Ravenclaw’s diadem for her, ordered on AMAZON. All of us (the party throwers) initially thought it would be a light tiara, but it’s a really good quality – and heavy – headpiece! That made it a little difficult to wear, but it looks like we took it straight from the films.

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