Mints & Honey (San Carlos, CA)

MINTS & HONEY (San Carlos, CA) – I randomly came across this cafe a couple of months ago thanks to Instagram and have been obsessed with making it out to San Carlos to see what it was all about. It looked like such an adorable little space with their decor and food, that it looked like it was something I would be interested in. And I’m so glad I made the trek to San Carlos, because it lived up to my imagined hype. 🙂

Mints and Honey is a little cafe on El Camino Real, and you would almost miss it unless you were going out of your way to go to it. El Camino has a bunch of random shops, restaurants and motels, so it’s a hodgepodge of things. When you first enter, it’s this open space with long tables to accommodate groups and a space for kids. We saw a bunch of little kids running around and playing with toys. They also have this kitchen space with cake trays for private events. You can also rent out this space for tea parties, baby showers, and more.




Moving past this space, you’ll enter the cafe. It’s much smaller than I thought, but they did a lot of great things in this small area. There are cute window spaces and a few tables, but there’s also a bunch of space outdoors. I personally really loved the geometric light fixtures they have hanging and all of the succulents that brighten up the space.

The cafe has a bunch of options for dining with coffees, teas, and food such as avocado toasts and waffles. Mints & Honey uses locally sourced ingredients such as Sightglass Coffee, Clover Organic Farms for milk, and more. I always appreciate local businesses using high quality, local ingredients since I feel like I’m supporting Bay Area business.


The backyard patio is so adorable! Though it was one of the hottest days this summer (bad planning on my part but I only had that day available to make it out), it was still better to sit outside than in. There are tables with umbrellas, decorated with more adorable plants and lights.


I decided to order a (hot) Vanilla Bean Latte while my friend ordered the iced version of it. It’s a hot double espresso with steamed milk and the distinctive taste of pure Madagascar vanilla. I’ve had Sightglass Coffee in the past, and I’ve really hated it. I didn’t like any of the flavors in the roasts I’ve had, so I was very surprised to see that I liked this latte. The latte was sweet enough that I didn’t need to add any extra sugar to it. I wonder if they get their own special blend for their cafe?

Though the coffee was good, I think the real star for me were their waffles. I almost got the Berries & Yogurt waffle, but the Churro Waffle sounded too good to pass up. It is drizzled in coffee and powdered sugar and has that essential cinnamon-y flavor, topped with whipped cream and a mint leaf.


I went in thinking I would be sharing the waffle with my friend who I dragged to this cafe, but I basically ate the whole thing by myself, heh. I just really love waffles and had one in awhile, haha. It was perfectly crispy, a lot of flavors, and not too sweet at all. I barely needed the syrup!


Overall, I had a great time at Mints & Honey, catching with my friend (even though we go have coffee together all the time lol) and exploring a new place. This is such a hidden gem in San Carlos, and especially on that street. I would totally come out here more if I was in the area – it’s such a cute space! I would love to host an event there someday, there’s so many possibilities with their venue area.




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