Drip Line (Oakland, CA)

Drip Line (Oakland, CA) – I had one last week of funemployment, so I wanted to enjoy it as best as I could! My only caveat – there was a week of rain in the forecast. Rather than sit around at home impatiently, I decided to try to go out before the rain got too bad (it did towards the end of the week). And what better way to enjoy a rainy Tuesday morning than with brunch?

I’ve been following Drip Line pretty much since they opened – I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, but I just haven’t had the opportunity. All of their food always looks SO delicious that I knew I was in for a good time. Drip Line is in a quiet neighborhood; it looks industrial with these sanitation buildings nearby, and I’m glad I looked at the front door on Google Maps before I came by, because I may have missed it. But parking was easier to find than I thought.

When you walk in, it’s bright and clean – I love the pops of yellow scattered throughout the cafe. This is totally corny but it was like a little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. I’m also obsessed with the coffee pot wall! There are several tables as well as plenty of counter space to sit at – with some space by the window so you can enjoy the day. I actually ended up sitting there, and it was nice to watch the drizzle while I was cozy and warm inside.


Along with their breakfast and lunch menu, there are pastries in the display window to order, and they seem to rotate these items. There were scones, a stout cake, and cookies among the offerings. All of their pastries and snacks are housemade. Their coffee also rotates as well, with Drip Line serving Equator Coffee when I stopped in. I’ve had it once before and I really liked it, so I was excited to have it again – especially since it is a local roaster (Marin County) and it’s a women founded and owned business!



We ordered our whole meal at the counter and the food comes to you. I will admit I came in ready for their chicken and waffles, but I didn’t realize it was a weekend option. That was my mistake because I clearly can’t read when I look online. Their East Asian inspired seasonal menu transitions to lunch at some point in the day, but I’m honestly not sure when that is – I wish it was a little more clear for their weekday options.


Luckily our food and drinks came together pretty quickly, so we were chowing down in no time. I really enjoyed my latte – it was nice and smooth! It really perked me up and kept me warm on this chilly day, which was just what I was looking for. My sister ordered tea, which is from Leaves & Flowers, a California tea company. Also, I’m obsessed with their mugs and plates, which are sourced from Jered’s Pottery in Emeryville. If I lived on my own, I would totally get plates like this!


My sister and I both ordered breakfast sandwiches. There was a biscuit dish that I wanted, but they had just served their last biscuit. The breakfast sandwiches are served on housemade brioche, with herbed aioli, soft fried egg, Thai chili kicap manis, and arugula. We both added koji fried chicken to our sandwiches, and I opted out of the soft egg.



This was so good and filling! It was a little heavy for a first meal – we were basically having brunch – so it was hard to finish. I liked how soft the and juicy the chicken was, and it had great East Asian flavors. The aioli was delicious too, but I wish it was more evenly spread on the bun and/or chicken. It made the sandwich dry since it wasn’t evenly in the sandwich. If you eat soft eggs, I would definitely get it, because I think it adds another layer to the sandwich! And eggs are delicious, but I love them lol.


But honestly, the sweet potato fries were my favorite out of everything we had! I don’t know what it was, but they were so flavorful and crispy. I think the lime salt and cilantro really amped up the potatoes. You got salty and sour, which is really addicting. The sambal aioli was also fantastic – it could compete with the fries as my favorite. I would honestly come back for the fries alone lol.

So glad I finally stopped by Drip Line after so long! It’s such a cute coffee and brunch spot, that I would totally come back with friends and bring more people to enjoy this spot. It definitely feels like a hidden neighborhood gem – though I know plenty of people have raved about it already!

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