Coffeebar (Menlo Park, CA)

Coffeebar (Menlo Park, CA) – Coffeebar, originally founded in Truckee – and has several locations in that region – has now come to #SiliconValley; more specifically, #MenloPark. They’ve brought speciality #coffee to areas (Truckee, Reno, Squaw Valley) in a way that makes it fun and not pretentious. Sourcing locally and sustainably – from the beans to ingredients to even their furniture/dishware – they really foster that community feel.

Be sure to check out the vlog below to really get a feel for the place!

I was invited a couple of weeks ago to come check out the shop, try their delicious coffee, and eat their amazing in-house pastries. It was a lot of fun learning more about their culture, have an awesome breakfast, and meet other coffee enthusiasts!


I’m so glad that the event was early in the morning (which, I know, is a shock coming from me) because it meant I could make it before work! Since they are a coffee shop that closes in the afternoon, they hosted a social for bloggers/coffee enthusiasts where we could check out the spot, drink their coffee, and also try some of the pastries on their menu.


I knew they were in the soft opening phase, but it was bustling when I got in! This part of Menlo Park doesn’t really have a big coffee shop where you could work or socialize, so Coffeebar is really filling that void – in the best way possible. I ended up getting there first (again, shocking!) so I walked around and just saw how large this shop is. When I finally decided on what I wanted to order – they have your classics like mochas and cappuccinos but they also have more modern twists like matcha lattes and lavender lattes – I made my way to the cashier and got a mocha. I don’t think I’m really a coffee traditionalist (because I put too much sugar and milk), but I do go for the classics for the most part.

I really liked my mocha! It wasn’t too strong while I was drinking it – but I know it was because I really felt it in the after lunch, which I think is really the perfect time because that’s always when I want to take a nap. Their mocha was rich, chocolatey, and not bitter at all. I did add sugar – but again, I like things very sweet (but not with artificial flavoring).

Once everyone got their drinks, we all took time getting pictures of all of the goods provided for us! There was a raffle for us to enter, and each one had swag and coffee, but I didn’t win. 😦 but it’s okay, because I ate a ton of pastries to make myself feel better, heh. It was also cool because we met the pastry chef and also provided feedback and suggestions for what they could add to their menu.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The scone in the first picture is really big – it’s almost as big as the length of my hand. It’s really filling and I took one later and it lasted a couple of days, so it holds up. It wasn’t too sweet or chewy; it was the perfect consistency. The bottom are their espresso bars, which are really moist and fudgey. Their meant to be eaten after being cooled since they melt easily. Jackie, the pastry chef, did tell us that they are strong because of the espresso flavor, and she was right! This may have been a factor in my hyperactivity too, hmm. The sea salt on top did help alleviate that strong taste though.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

These vibrant confections were bread pudding topped with strawberries. It was so good and addicting. The sugar and cream mixed into the bread pudding was perfect – it didn’t make it soggy at all so you still got some of the crunch and texture of the bread. I will note that Coffeebar also has savory things like avocado toast and paleo bowls, so there are menu items that appeal to different tastes and diets.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My absolute favorite were (surprise, surprise) the lemon cakes! They were the perfect size where you don’t get overwhelmed by the tartness and were the right combination of sweet and sour. It’s also fun to cut it open because the lemon curd just oozes out and it’s so satisfying.

And last, but certainly not least, is their Banana Toast. I’m pretty sure this will be a big hit, especially on the weekends, when people like to treat themselves. When we tried it, it was a menu item that was still being tested out but they’ve now officially added it! It has almond butter, spiced crumble, candied walnuts and cinnamon whipped cream. Doesn’t it look and sound epic?

Definitely check out Coffeebar if you’re ever in the Menlo Park area. I’ve been following them for awhile before I even knew they were coming out here, so I was ecstatic when they reached out to me! I’m in this area more often than I am in SF, so it’s really exciting knowing that there are these high quality options outside of the city.

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