Roberta’s (Brooklyn, NY)

Roberta’s (Brooklyn, New York) – In preparation for this trip, I actually didn’t do that much prepping. Usually, I research things I want to do (historical, museums, etc.) and food. But since I was traveling with my friend – who is not as neurotic as I am about those things, I tried to let it go. For the most part, I actually did! But Roberta’s was one place I said that we HAD to go try. And I’m so glad we did.


Late Sunday morning, we made the trek to Williamsburg from where we were staying in Brooklyn. If you think Brooklyn is becoming more hipster and gentrified, then don’t come to Williamsburg. It is the hipsteriest place ever, and this is coming from a Bay native who visits the Mission. But I mean, I gotta do it for the pizza. And I do have some hipster tendencies (sigh).



When we got there, it seems very small with the metal scrap door, but when you walk in, it’s a really large restaurant. However, they were full inside, so we could either wait, or go next door to their bakery that has pizzas for takeout and simply go find an empty spot in their garden area. This was a much better decision, tbh. I really only ended up getting proper photos of the shop next door, which is what you’ll see throughout the post.

For the three of us, we ordered one pie to go, the Famous Original, which has tomato, mozzarella, caciocavallo, parmigiano, oregano, and chili. I wanted a lot of cheese and you can see how wonderfully it melted! Their full lunch menu in the restaurant has sandwiches, pastas, and more – all at reasonable prices, considering their more upscale Blanca has similar items at a higher pricepoint. And everything is still high quality at Roberta’s.


Okay, so this pizza tho. IT WAS DELICIOUS. There were glorious, large chunks of melted cheese dispersed throughout this pizza. Each time we lifted a slice, you would get that oozing string that is cheese as you separate it from the pie. The chili also added a little kick at the end of each bite, which I think gave a new spin to an otherwise classic pizza. It was just perfectly cooked through, and the crust was cooked just right. This was one of those pizzas that have to fold in order to contain everything inside. I’m so glad I made us go.


I’m totally coming back to Roberta’s again – no matter what the reason I’m going to New York for next time. Everyone was pretty chill there and it was just nice spending a sunny day outside around a picnic table in the hipster capital of the world, eating quality, artisanal pizza.

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