Colson Patisserie (Brooklyn, NY)

Colson Patisserie (Brooklyn, NY) – It was our last day in New York and we wanted to keep it easy. We were both from the lack of sleep and (likely) jetlag catching up to us, so we had to cancel on a last minute plan with a friend. But, we still needed some coffee and breakfast before we left.


We’d been going to Colson’s to get coffee in the mornings (or, well, my friends generously went over and picked me up some too!), and I finally decided to pop in as well. It’s a small, cute patisserie that has an assortment of handmade pastries. What I learned later is that it’s inspired by a Belgian chef (and writer of four cookbooks) who had a patisserie of the same name in Belgium. A filmmaker liked the chef and his confections so much, he decided to work with Hubert Colson to open a New York outpost.


We walked in, and I perused the pastries section and couldn’t decide what to eat. They have a bunch of tarts, pastries, waffles, and more to go along with their coffees and other morning drinks. The brioches were so pretty! But ultimately, I settled on a waffle and a latte while my friend got a crepe and an iced latte.



The latte was pretty good, I don’t know what beans they use to roast but it was pretty smooth. The waffle was really good too! I just need to learn to order small bites for breakfast because I’m not a big eater when I wake up. The powdered sugar did make it a little difficult though since it kept falling everywhere.

It’s a cute, unassuming patisserie that’s a hidden treasure! I wish I had walked in earlier in the weekend to try some of their pastries. Hopefully next time. 🙂


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