Winter is Coming – Prepare for Game of Thrones

Finally, after all this waiting, the Game of Thrones premiere is just a couple of days away! I, for one, cannot wait and am refreshing my memory by watching the last season as I’m typing this. An epic show like this requires snackage, and I’ve come up with a few goodies to keep you filled throughout this (really short) season!


JOFFREY’s PIGEON PIE – Remember that pie at Joffrey’s wedding where the pigeons fly out of it?! Well, this is isn’t exactly it. I mean, I can’t bake a pie with live pigeons, and expect to cut it and have them fly out magically. BUT, this pie does have chicken in it. And everything else. I actually happened upon […]


SANSA’S LEMON & EARL GRAY DONUTS – One of the first things I thought of when thinking up of Game of Thrones food ideas was the lemon cakes that Sansa enjoys when she’s with her crazy Aunt (at least in the show). I was planning to make lemon cakes or tarts, but then I thought, why not a donut since I’m making […]


HOUSE TYRELL CHICKPEA-LENTIL SLIDERS – It took me forever to decide what to make for Game of Thrones. I got really sucked into the show last year and binge watched just in time for the finale that year. It most definitely has its problems, but aside from the action, I feel like I’m watching with sick fascination at how horrible […]


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