Alexander’s Patisserie (Mountain View, CA)

ALEXANDER’S PATISSERIE (Mountain View, CA) – This year, I’ve come back to this part of the peninsula, and one of the spots I now frequent is Alexander’s Patisserie. When I’m in need of coffee for an early morning or a late night, grab an elegant pastry for a last minute birthday, or if I’m honestly bored tbh, I take a short walk over to their shop.
The well-known Alexander’s Steakhouse brought on Belgian Pastry Chef Dries Delanghe (who worked in Las Vegas, Paris, and Belgium prior) to be the executive chef of their off-shoot, Alexander’s Patisserie. The main storefront is on Castro Street in Mountain View, with a bunch of other eateries and shops. It’s adorable when you enter inside, there are a lot of tables and sofa booths, marble tables with geometric and succulent centerpieces, as well as a counter space that overlooks Castro street.

When you first walk in, you’re greeted by the lovely counter that displays the macarons. The flavors change depending on the season, which is updated on their website. I recently purchased a set of 5, but there is also a set of 10 for purchase. Or, if you really want to splurge, you can get a macaron pyramid!


I purchased a set of five as an early birthday surprise for a close friend, which came in this adorable little box: Caramel (caramel buttercream / fleur de sel), Pride (a fruity buttercream), Chocolate Hazelnut, Coffee (Alexander’s blend coffee ganache), and London Fog (bergamot earl grey / vanilla). I had a chance to try the Pride (which is a really pretty rainbow colored one!) that has a fruity filling, and the London Fog, which is this really pretty glittery lavender cookie that, of course, has to taste like English Earl Grey. I always appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into making macarons, especially since it’s so meticulous!
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As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I have gone many a time to grab coffee from Alexander’s. They make their coffee with Stumptown, and the lattes are foamy and very sweet – just the way I like it. It’s really nice to come in, relax with friends at one of the tables with the sofas. They also serve different teas and have a different tea and/or coffee special each month, sometimes related to the holiday celebrated during the month. The drinks pair well with their pastries, of which they have a variety, ranging from savory croissants to sweet Kouign-Ammans, which have been the closest I’ve found to b. patisserie so far, and they are approved by my mother, so I know it’s legit.
As if they didn’t have enough delicious treats to enjoy, Alexander’s Patisserie also has a variety of baked goods and pastries to eat! They have already made ones waiting to be eaten at the counters, they also do take special orders, such as for weddings. I try not to get these too often, just because they are so delicious and rich in flavor. It’s definitely a treat yo self kinda moment when you decide to pick one of these babies up for yourself.

One day I was really on the struggle bus, and one of my good friends picked up a Hazelnut Eclair for me! It was really sweet of her, especially because she knows that’s one of my favorite flavors. The eclair was decorated with hazelnut cream on top and gold foil. It was the most decadent eclair I have ever had, and it was perfectly delicious. It took that pastry to the next level for me, tbh. I know want cream inside and out on my eclairs. Please take note, other pastry making folks.


The second part of my friend’s birthday surprise, was the Chocolate Pillow. I knew she was craving chocolate cake, so this was perfect. The Chocolate Pillow is this wonderful goodness of a dark chocolate mousse sitting on top of a caramelized rice crispy, topped with a praline crunch. It’s almost too pretty to eat – the keyword being almost. My friend was kind enough to let me try it, and it was this unbelievably thick mousse with this chocolatey crunch. It was very hard not to keep eating it, but I didn’t want to be rude.


And if that wasn’t enough, Alexander’s Patisserie also serves other breakfast eats and has tarts, mousse cakes, lunch sandwiches and soups. There are a variety of packaged goods that are available for purchase, which would also make really cute gifts. One other counter also houses their chocolates that are made in house! You can purchase each chocolate individually or up to two dozen chocolates. Each flavor is made with Valrhona Chocolate and they serve a variety of flavors from classic ones like milk chocolate, to more creative ones like honey fennel pollen and Speculoos s’mores. These are the last items I have yet to try, but I fully intend to try them when I’m in the mood to treat myself.


Overall, Alexander’s Patisserie is a great place with so much to offer. Whether you’re popping in for a coffee to go or want a cute eatery to hang out with friends, they have so much to offer and you’ll never get bored. It’s nice to have such a cool and creative bakery on Castro Street, because it doesn’t really have anything quite like it. You did good, Alexander’s.

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