Proposition Chicken (San Francisco, CA)


PROPOSITION CHICKEN (San Francisco, CA) – A fried chicken place that’s inspired by our democratic (RIP) system? This fit into my night of Hamilton way too perfectly – and it’s been on my bookmarks for so long!

After getting boba from Boba Guys (bc dessert first, of course), we walked around the corner to Proposition Chicken. It was pretty quiet since it was around 4 pm on a Saturday – not exactly prime time for lunch or dinner.

Not only do they serve high quality free range chicken, they also have a tofu option for vegetarians and gluten-free chicken. Proposition Chicken also has non-profit Mondays, where they donate 10% of their dine-in profits to a different local charity each month! Love their attitude about giving back to the community. 🙂

IMG_5480 copy

I decided to split an entree after having boba, so I ordered A Fried Chicken entree, which is Mary’s free-range fried chicken, rosemary-lemon brine, and herb crust; a buttermilk biscuit, with honey butter, and spicy slaw along with hand cut fries and malted mayo. That is a mouthful! It was a delicious mouthful, tbh. This is honestly some of the best fried chicken I’ve had – and I’ve been to the South now! The chicken was perfectly crispy, it had a great blend of herbs and spices, and it was tender. I didn’t feel heavy or gross after eating fried chicken! The biscuit was SO GOOD and the honey butter was perfect with it. The slaw was actually spicy, and all of the hot sauces they went great with the chicken and biscuits, of course.

If I lived close by in the city, I would totally order their Fried Chicken to go – it would be the perfect thing to eat while binge watching a show! Hope to be back in the area soon, I’m already salivating thinking about their fried chicken.

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