Boba Guys (San Francisco, CA)

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BOBA GUYS (San Francisco, CA)  – They are right – they really do take boba to the next level. I’m not the biggest milk tea or boba fan. but I figure if their line is always out the door, they must be doing something right. And they are.

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I popped into the Hayes Valley location before heading over to the Orpheum to go watch Hamilton (!!) to grab a drink. The line was out the door but it moves fairly quickly. They have their main staples like classic milk tea or Thai tea, but they also have rotating flavors that change regularly. Using quality ingredients and Straus milk, they make sure they serve you a good cup of tea.

I ordered a Thai tea without boba, mostly because I don’t particularly boba. This Thai tea was so good! It has the perfect amount of condensed milk without being overly sweet. My sister ordered the Golden Honey Black, one of their specials, which is made from the gold tips of tea leaves, and referred to as the “Cadillac of Black Teas.” This one was ridiculously good. It was light and silky with lovely hints of honey.  I actually even tried the boba, and it pretty good!

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They also have tea flights that you can order, and the tea barista will give you the lowdown on each of the teas. While I was sitting there taking in the shop, one of the baristas was passing around samples in these little beakers. It was a type of oolong tea that was light and florally, but went down really smoothly.

Honestly, the only caveat about Boba Guys is that they’re so far away from me. However, I read a couple of weeks ago that they’ll be opening a spot in downtown San Carlos soon! Very exciting. You may just make me into a tea person yet, Boba Guys.

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