How to Make: Samosas

Samosas are one of the classic snacks that are usually served at Iftar in a Pakistani household. Since they’re a little time consuming to make, most people just make them in bulk and then freeze them. Whenever you’re ready to make them, simply defrost and fry.


Generally, Pakistani samosas have ground beef in them. If you’ve had samosas from Indian restaurants, they usually put potatoes and peas. Basically, you can put whatever you want in it. I’m still trying to eat lean, so we made special ones for me that were filled with ground chicken. To give the chicken more flavor, I added some garlic, green onions, and a little cayenne pepper.


Samosa wrappers can be found at an Indian grocer. Otherwise, you can even use spring/egg roll wraps if you don’t have access to an Indian grocer. They’re long thin sheets of dough that get wrapped into triangles. Since they’re really thin, they crisp up nicely when frying. I wish I had made a video of the folding process, but my hands were dirty! You can find tutorials on YouTube, like THIS ONE HERE.


In order to make sure your samosa stays together, you also make a “paste” to “glue” it shut. It’s basically just some flower and water. You add enough water to the flour that when it mixes it forms a paste but isn’t too watery.

The prep didn’t take too long, but we were two people making them. To assemble almost twenty samosas, it probably took us half an hour to forty five minutes. It definitely makes it easier since you can just grab it out of the freezer and make them, making Iftar prep quick and easy, especially when the person who is making everything is fasting!


Once you’ve assembled the samosas, it goes into the frying pan! Heat up the oil on high and drop those triangles in the pan. Cook them until they’re fried on both sides. They should be a nice golden brown. And have a lot of oil. Yum. There’s nothing like a crispy, fried samosa right off of the stove. It’s delicious. It tastes great with any type of dip or sauce – spicy chutneys, sweet chutneys, or even ketchup!


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