Cafe du Monde (New Orleans, LA)

Cafe du Monde (New Orleans, CA) – Does going to New Orleans even count if you don’t stop by Cafe Du Monde? Exactly. I actually ended up going twice – once after dinner and the morning we left – and each time was just as delicious.

Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours and they’re constantly churning out beignets and chicory coffee for tourists. It has been on every list and TV special related to New Orleans, so the hype couldn’t be imagined. I preferred going early in the morning since the line wasn’t very long at all (it was also a Monday). Otherwise I have read that going in the middle of night (midnight on) is a better time as well.

The original Cafe Du Monde coffee stand opened in 1862 at the original French Market – and it still stands in the same place in the French Quarter. It only closes on Christmas and occasionally for hurricanes (i.e. Hurricane Katrina where they closed for 36 days).

Anyway, let’s get to the beignets. They’re bought in threes, and I bought three orders for less than ten bucks. I do think these are the best beignets I’ve had. They’re soft, there’s a ton of sugar without a large amount getting stuck to the roof of my mouth, and they don’t harden when you come back to eat them. These are the true sugary pillows of goodness. They even survived the plane ride home! I considered buying their beignet mix so I can successfully make it at home, but the box is pretty heavy so keep that in mind if you’re trying to stash it in your carry on. 

Du Monde is a definite stop on the list – and not even just for the tourist factor. The beignets are just good. And you also get to sit in the middle of the French Quarter right near Jackson Square. All the wins.

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