Dripp Coffee (Fullerton, CA)

Dripp Coffee (Fullerton, CA) – When I went to Southern California last month, Dripp was on my list of things to see! I know – a coffee shop in Fullerton – why tho. My cousins found it and after seeing how cute it was (and that the coffee was good), I really wanted to make sure we stopped by at some point during our weekend trip.

Right when you’re walking to the door of Dripp – which is in a historic section of town – you’re greeted with these really pretty plants! It’s a cute, old-fashioned area as you can see by the older style of the buildings.


Everything is so nice inside. They know people come in here to take pictures – but how can you not? There are cool walls like the book wall, glasses tiles, and the exposed brick as well as the floor tiles and the light fixtures. Everything is so on point that I took a bajillion pictures. I hate being that person but I 100% was.


Of course there are their espresso and coffee drinks such as their Cali Classic, lattes, and more, but they also have teas, cold beverages, ice cream, pastries, cookies, and more! Yes, they basically have everything you could want while you’re studying or catching up with friends. Their pastry offerings change daily, but they have Donut Tuesdays and the ice creams come in little paper boats. I did not end up getting a pastry because I was going to have lunch after at the Anaheim Packing District, so I just admired it through my photography.


Ok – now to the coffee (and more aesthetics later, heh). I like my coffee sweet and was intrigued by the BruLaLa (I mean, it’s copyrighted!), so I ordered that. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a creme brûlée latte! And not like that liquified version that Starbucks sells. The top is covered with crystalized sugar but also toasted so it’s like the dessert! The foam looks all puffy to give it that similar looking texture of a creme brûlée topping. All of the sugar tastes all caramelized so the coffee is sweet but not cloyingly sweet. I didn’t have to add anything extra to it!


My sister got the Spanish Latte, which has a bit of a kick with spice in the coffee. I really love Mexican and Spanish style lattes – though I’m not sure if that’s what it *actually* tastes like in Mexico or Spain. I do love the spicier additions of cinnamon though! It gives the coffee nice flavor.


I can’t wait to come back and enjoy another drink! Their menu is extensive and has a lot to offer. They have a Happy Hour on drinks from 10 AM – 12 PM on Tuesdays. So come by with for discounted coffee AND donuts! And of course, check out the really cool vibes. The coffee shop does get pretty packed (this was a Sunday afternoon though), so it might be a little difficult to find a seat.


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