Pokéworks (Cupertino, CA)

Pokéworks (Cupertino, CA) –  The best part about being contacted by Pokéworks is that i’m already a fan. I get to experience some new places after they reach out to me – and I genuinely enjoy my experience (and honest about things I didn’t like). But with Pokéworks, I’ve already had their food a bunch of times, to the point where I have my own “usual”, order it via Yelp/Eater, and have it ready to pick up.


Pokéworks used to be my #treatyoself spot if I didn’t end up liking lunch at work (I know, first world problems) or it was a really long swing shift (I worked evenings for a couple of months, and, man, it dragged on sometimes). I’ve been to a couple of other poke places, but in my opinion it doesn’t compare. So, when I was asked to visit one of their locations, I picked the Cupertino one.


It’s in a complex with a lot of other Asian foods, but this location is much more spacious than their Mountain View or San Jose ones. I will say though, one think I loved about the Mountain View one was the ordering screens they have. They have two touch screen stations where you can select everything, the order goes to the kitchen, and it’ll be ready. Sometimes it’s hard for me to speak over the serving bar where the staff assembles it for you in person. Maybe it’s a short person problem? Idk.


I came around 1 pm, and it was pretty empty since it was just after lunch. Their staff was very friendly and helpful – and patient if you’re an indecisive person like me!


I went ahead and ordered my usual order – which actually contains tofu instead of fish! I’m a huge fan of tofu and since I would sometimes spread my bowl over two meals, I felt like it would spoil less this way. I’ve been to a couple of other poke places, but in my opinion it just doesn’t compare. First off, Pokéworks’ fish is hearty, high quality, and fresh. None of their ingredients ever feel like they’ve been out for a long time and getting stale. Secondly, their sushi rice is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s because they put in extra vinegar or what to keep the rice soft, but sometimes I just want to order rice and one of their sauces. Which brings me to my next point – their sauces are so flavorful. I usually get the Sriracha Aioli, and somehow it has multiple flavors in it: it’s spicy and tangy (I accidentally forgot to get it this time, and it was obvious that I was missing something). And finally, their toppings. In my opinion, they have the best variety and you can really make it a hearty bowl with all of the finishings!

Not only do they have build your own poke bowls, but you can get some of their pre-selected options, a poke salad (sans rice), and most especially, their poke burrito. This is essentially a sushi burrito – and they’re so good! This one had, salmon, ahi tuna, and sriracha aioli. The combination of the fresh fish with the seaweed and rice is great – and the sriracha aioli mixed in makes it nice and spicy!


I really enjoy crunch in my bowls – so I always get fried crisps in mine. It tastes fantastic with their sweet onions.

With all of the customizable options, the possibilities are endless at Pokéworks! You can truly have poke your way – and I can’t wait to stop by soon to do it again!


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