Cafe 4 (Castro Valley, CA)


CAFE 4 (Castro Valley, CA) – After seeing two friends stop by this cafe in the same week, I knew I had to add Cafe 4 to my list of coffee shops to hit up. I was even more intrigued when I found out that it was in the East Bay and not in San Francisco!


I came through on a hot Thursday afternoon, ready for my coffee fix. I was excited about visiting a bright and airy cafe, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was such a big place! There is plenty of seating outside and SO much space inside -it’s truly designed to be a gathering spot, whether it’s to study or to socialize.

The Cafe is a part of the church’s complex, and it does lead into the other church buildings. However, it doesn’t feel like the cafe is trying to impose any of the church’s beliefs on its customers, and that I appreciate. It’s designed to be a place to promote and keep their community together.


When you walk in, you see so many different spots to sit down, that it’s a little overwhelming. I love the ceiling to floor windows that bring in so much light, and it was even more spectacular on such a sunny day. Walking up to the register to order coffee, a big calendar on the wall greets you that displays a bunch of fun events happening in the community.


Cafe 4 serves Verve Coffee and they also have different pastries and sandwiches to eat. Even though this was my first meal of the day, I just stuck to getting a latte. Coffee often fills me up and I get full quickly! I like the mugs the coffee comes in, and the lattes came decorated with different latte hearts. After adding a little sugar (I like my coffee on the sweet side), the latte was great. I’ve had Verve at several different places, and have made it at home, but Cafe 4’s is a little on the stronger side. It definitely got me wired and ready to go for the day.


Along with coffee and food, Cafe 4 sells mugs and apparel, among other things. The shirts are all coffee themed and the mugs were super cute. I was really close to buying one since I loved the look of them.



Overall, I loved the vibe of Cafe 4. It’s created to be a safe and bright haven for people of the community to get together. The bright insides and the awesome California artwork makes it a nice and inviting place.  Also, I can’t emphasize how awesome it is that there is so much space – whether you want to chill with friends or sit down and get work done! I look forward to coming back to Cafe 4!



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