Grounded Coffee Bar (Fremont, CA)

GROUNDED COFFEE BAR (Fremont, CA) – I already knew about two hipster coffee shops in Fremont (Slap Face and Devout), so when I came across Grounded Coffee through social media, I was really intrigued. They don’t seem to have a large following on Instagram or a ton of Yelp reviews yet, so I dared to think I stumbled upon a hidden gem!


I was initially a bit confused at the location, but I was correct in thinking that it is inside of a church. One afternoon before heading to work, I ventured to the Warm Springs area of Fremont and made my way to the Grounded Coffee Bar. The location is a little strange since it looks like an office building complex, but there are signs directing you to the coffee bar.


The building on the outside is a dated, large office building, but inside it’s very pristine and modern. There are small tables and comfortable couches for visitors to sit and socialize. There are also outlets to charge devices and wifi, so it’s a really good, quiet studying space. It’s also very cool inside, which was great because that day was in the middle of a heat wave.


There was a sermon being broadcasted live (I assume the sermon was happening in a different part of the building) on a screen in the lobby/coffee bar area. That felt a little jarring to me since I don’t really want to be preached to while I’m to grab a cup of coffee. I’ve been to another coffee shop that was integrated into the church community, but there wasn’t an actual sermon being played in the shop.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Anyway, back to the coffee bar. It seems like this coffee bar is a nice treat for the church community, but it’s open to everyone. Since we were the only ones there, it took a few minutes for the barista to serve us, but he was very friendly. My friend and I both ordered two iced vanilla lattes because it was way too hot outside for hot drinks.



The coffee was perfectly sweet so I didn’t feel the need to add any more sugar. You could also see the flecks from the vanilla bean in the drink, so you know they’re using quality ingredients. It was very smooth and perked me up for the rest of my evening shift without cracking me out. The beans used for all of the coffee drinks are from Worth Coffee Roasters, which is actually a coffee roaster in Fremont! I’ve been meaning to try them out for awhile as well, so I’m glad I got to kill two birds with one stone here.


While I likely won’t stop here to socialize (because of the religiosity of the location, but that’s a personal preference), I would be more than willing to stop by again to grab coffee from the Grounded Coffee Bar!


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