What to make for a Supernatural series finale watch party

It’s finally happening – Supernatural is ending. It’s been 84 years. Okay, it’s been 15 years. And I’ve been watching it since it premiered! I’m always a big fan of supernatural/fantasy themed shows, with the mythology, larger than life plots, and interesting characters. Because it’s finally coming to an end on Thursday November 19th, I had to pull together a little spread for a series finale watch party! Keep reading to find out how to put together an easy spread.

Sam and Dean Winchester tend to eat quintessential American cuisine. It makes sense since they’re always on the road and aren’t really looking at Yelp to go find a unique fine dining experience. They pull up to the nearest diner or dive and grab a juicy burger or piece of pie.


There have been countless episodes of the Winchester brothers grabbing a burger at a diner after pulling into town. That had to be included in this watch party. With some store bought buns, and ready to go condiments like ketchup, mustard, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and pepper jack cheese, I piled that on my burger. In my house, we always have shami kababs on hand, so I decided to use a kabab as my burger patty! It’s a great way to get an extra kick of flavor. You can definitely use any kind of patty or check out my blog post on how to make your own shami kabab.


When I think of Dean Winchester, I always think of pie! And the Winchesters are as all-American as apple pie. He’s always had a sweet tooth on the show and has had a certain fondness for pie. While I love pie, I generally only eat it during the fall season around Thanksgiving. Like, throughout the long holiday weekend I’ll try to consume as many pie slices as I reasonably can. Because making your own pie can be time consuming (even with a store bought crust), I kept it really easy and bought a frozen, ready made apple pie. It was super easy: after it thaws, pop it into the oven, and serve once done! And don’t worry, this pie had plenty of crust, I just cut it too early when it was warm, so it crumbled when I tried to lift the piece out, haha.


Who wants a salad at a watch party? Dean would agree, it’s dumb. But, Sam, on the other hand, likes to be healthy. Keeping the semi-homemade theme in mind, I got a salad kit for a Caesar salad. I’ve seen several episodes with Sam and a Caesar salad, which is perfect because I love them too! You get that tangy, creamy dressing smothering the lettuce leaves and croutons, sprinkled with parmesan cheese. I don’t do creamy dressings very often anymore, but when I do, I eat the entire bowl… like this one.


The Winchesters regularly have beers with meals, in their hotel rooms, and at their home at the Men of Letters bunker. I do not drink alcohol, so instead I got some ginger beers from the grocery store. The ginger beers that I linked have a very strong ginger kick! It’s spicy but delicious.

To give it a personal Supernatural-esque touch, I printed out Family Business Beer Company (Jensen Ackles’ brewery) logos and taped it onto the bottle. I love that the name of the brewery is a nod to the show, and it feels a little full circle. Ironically, their drinks don’t come in bottles.


I kept the table simple but wanted some Supernatural touches. The background was black and muted, though I did include some flannel as a nod to the flannel shirts the boys wear. I used some candles to decorate the table to give it a spooky mood. In the bowl behind the candle is “blood” (added some red food coloring to apple cider!) since that’s often used for spells in the show. The leather book represents their research books with all of the mythology and folklore they and their father have documented over the years. To top it off, I printed a few things that are big parts of the show: the Kansas license plate from the Impala, their fake FBI IDs they use to get into crime scenes, and a map they used to travel to some of their hunts.

And that’s it! I kept it pretty simple and easy to make, because with all of the mental preparation needed to deal with this show actually ending, you want to put together an easy, semi-homemade meal for the occasion. Enjoy! Let me know how your watch party turned out in the comments below.

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