1 Oz Coffee (Mountain View, CA)

1 Oz Coffee (Mountain View, CA) – A friend of mine regularly posts about awesome coffee spots (@dantesdrinks), and when he started frequenting 1 Oz, I knew I had to stop by. I was really excited to see that a Mountain View location had opened up, meaning I could stop by on my way to work. It also became a great meeting spot to meet up with a few friends before work. We all got up early on a Friday morning to meet at 1 Oz – and it was worth it.

I love the minimal, blue vibe inside. It’s simple but it looks great. There’s so much light coming into the shop throughout the day that it makes it bright and airy. There are some comfortable stools to sit at as well as high tables. I do wish there were lower tables that had chairs with backs but I understand that the intention of this space is to just enjoy your cup of coffee and a have a peaceful moment to yourself. They also have some art hung up around which adds a pop of color.

Another thing that excites me about 1 Oz Coffee is that it’s a women-owned coffee shop. They started it as coffee enthusiasts and you can catch them regularly at either location (Mountain View or Santa Clara). One of the owners was there that morning and she was friendly and chill. I liked the time she took to carefully make each of our drinks.

They have pastries from Alexander’s, which is a few blocks down the street. I took a Kouign Amman because that’s one of my favorite pastries, and from past experience I know Alexander’s does a great job with it.

1 Oz uses a variety of roasts for their drinks and it seems to be on a rotating basis. When I went in they had Vertigo and Devout coffee beans on hand. They don’t have too many “special” drinks but they do serve a Matcha, a Chai, and a Cinammon Honey Latte. Otherwise, they serve you more classic drinks like cappuccinos, americanos, etc. 1 Oz also serves teas.

My friend ordered the Cinnamon Honey latte. Each latte is 12 ounces and uses steamed milk with their espresso. All of their espresso based drinks use double shots of espresso so they’re strong! She really liked it because it was sweet and smooth but it was strong for her.

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My other friend decided to get a Mocha. 1 Oz’s mochas use Alexander’s chocolate mix, so she was very happy with how rich the mocha tasted. It also comes with marshmallows that I believe are also from Alexander’s. This was such a cute looking drink! Again, it was strong for her as well because of the double shot but she drank a good amount of it before we left for work.

And then there was me with my basic latte, haha. Sometimes I’ll venture out but I generally stick with the classic. I did add a little sugar because I like my coffee on the sweeter side. This was a great latte! The coffee wasn’t acidic at all; it was so smooth! It made it hard for me to slow down because I was really enjoying my coffee. I did end up taking some of it for the road since I didn’t want to drink it all at once since it was strong. Needless to say, I was really peppy that morning at my desk – where I was all alone because everyone works from home on Fridays, hehe. I look forward to coming back to 1 Oz and trying the cinnamon honey latte – it sounds so good!

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