G’s Creamery (Fresno,CA)

G’s Creamery (Fresno, CA) – What better way to kick off the First Day of Summer than with an ice cream post? Back when I was in Fresno for Mother’s Day, we were craving dessert even though we all just had a ginormous brunch. I had already mentally made up my mind we were going to pop in to G’s and my aunt enjoys ice cream, so it was a win-win.



I remember hearing about G’s Creamery awhile back since I come to the area regularly to see family, so I was super excited when this plaza ended up consisting of our brunch spot and the ice cream shop! It’s such a quaint creamery that is honestly really Instagrammable. They know what they’re doing.


While I usually try to stop at Ampersand’s if I’m in town, I’m always excited to see some of the cool spots Fresno is gaining in the past couple of years. G’s focuses on using locally sourced ingredients for their all-natural handcrafted ice cream. I love how fun and airy it is when you get inside, from the subway tiled walls, the wallpaper, and of course, the neon sign. Their ingredients are also on their shelves, indicating that they use real ingredients in their flavors. While G’s also is known for their sweet buns and ice cream – a scoop of ice cream in between a glazed donut, we stuck to the classic ice cream in a cup or cone. You can also choose other toppings if you want, but we’re ice cream purists.



I don’t think their flavors rotate seasonally, but I’m sure they change it up on occasion. My aunt got the strawberries and cream, which is made of fresh California strawberries macerated in an all natural sweet cream. You can see it in this cute holder here! I like that they leave the ice cream here while he was fulfilling the rest of our orders. Also shout out to the staff member that was helping us – he was pretty patient in our indecisiveness!


I got excited and ordered the Salted Caramel Pretzel. I love this flavor because there’s so many different elements to it. It has sea salt infused caramel ice cream with a rich caramel swirl and topped with crunchy chocolate covered pretzel bites. I love the combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy all in a sweet waffle cone! It was super creamy . and surprisingly light even with this traditionally heavy flavor.


I really want to come back and try their other flavors! It also makes me really excited to see Fresno on the come up with cool shops like this. The price point might be a *little* higher than chain spots, but it is because they locally source real ingredients – and Fresno is in the perfect location to get all those goods!


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