Inklings Coffee & Tea (Pleasanton, CA)

Inklings Coffee & Tea (Pleasanton, CA) – I first came across Inklings from a fellow Instagrammer – she focuses on books, writing, and nature photography. This shop was so cute that I just had to find out where it was. Unfortunately, I don’t make it out to Pleasanton that often, so when I was finally going in that direction for work, I made sure to include Inklings as a stop before I headed home.

Inklings is adorable from the moment you walk in. It felt like walking into someone’s cozy, book filled library. The artwork around the cafe is all book related, whether it’s textbook pages, portraits of authors, or shelves and shelves of books.

The name comes from the formal literary discussion group at Oxford known as the Inklings in the 1930s and 40s. Members of the group included C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein. Their portraits are hanging in the coffee shop. Like this informal gathering, the cafe also encourages that atmosphere as a meeting place for their local community. The staff is very friendly and they have a venue space for events too.

Inklings primarily serves Stumptown, whether it’s on draft or pour over. They rotate different flavors out and also have seasonal favorite drinks such as a Caramel Bourbon Latte and a Blueberry Mint Latte when I went in during late fall. I was incredibly tempted to get the Blueberry Mint but at the last minute backed out and ordered a regular latte. I do plan to come back and try whatever seasonal offering they have. They also serve teas, non espresso drinks, and kombucha.

I also ordered a pastry with my latte, which was a pumpkin scone with cream cheese frosting. This was very sweet but paired well with my latte so I didn’t need extra sugar. I also did feel very encouraged to get some reading done because of the cozy library feel. There are also other hidden nooks to sit in, whether you’re looking to read or get some work done.


I really wish I lived closer to this coffee shop because it’s super cute and has a really relaxing vibe – great for getting work done or catching up with a friend. The downtown Pleasanton area is really cute with other eateries and shops as well. I’m definitely coming back if I’m in the area!


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