Gadani (Berkeley, CA)


Gadani (Berkeley, CA) – I’ve seen Gadani posted around my social media for weeks now. It definitely looks like another food trend/Instagram pleasing treat, so I debating on whether or not I wanted to put in the effort to make it out there. I don’t really like to try Instagram trend foods because honestly, they usually suck. You won’t ever see those gross rainbow bagels around here. Nasty.


Anyway, back to Gadani. I was meeting up with my old roommate/good friend for brunch in Berkeley. And whenever I hang out with friends, I always make us get dessert, because I’m an enabler and a bad influence.

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Gadani serves up giant egg waffles and serves it up with ice cream and toppings. I’ve had smaller egg waffles in the past, and duh I love ice cream, so I was here for this. The shop itself is pretty small and the staff is friendly. The ice cream flavors rotate but you’re more than welcome to sample them. They locally source their ice cream, and some of them are from Berkeley’s Tara’s Organic Ice Cream. I tried the Black Sesame, and while it tasted decent, I don’t think I could consume a whole scoop of it. So, I kept it simple and ordered Vanilla Bean in a signature egg waffle with a chocolate drizzle.

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This is pricey, but I think the ice cream was pretty good and I enjoyed the lightness of the egg waffle. I will admit that I couldn’t finish most of it, but in the future I would just share it with someone. I also think that if I had ventured out with more interesting flavors I probably would have enjoyed it more.


I think this is one Instagrammable food that’s worth seeking out and trying. They also have teas and coffees, but I haven’t tried either of those. In short, grab a meal around any of the awesome places around Downtown Berkeley, then take a much needed walk after stuffing yourself to eat some more – but with ice cream!


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