The American Grilled Cheese (San Francisco, CA)


The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen (San Francisco, CA) -I was in SoMa for a job interview, and was really excited that this shop was so close by to where I was going to be! I’ve been wanting to try their grilled cheeses for awhile now, and what better way to wind down after a stressful occasion than with a fantastic grilled cheese? There’s no other way, tbh.


It was pretty empty when I walked in, mostly because it was almost 5 PM and therefore prime traffic time to go home. But, I was starving after talking for so long, so I really needed something in my system!

I love the decor in this small space and the counter tops, it’s simple and casual. You bus service yourself and the sandwiches come in these cute metal trays. The half soup and sandwich combo is the Moscone: fresh mozzarella, lavender-basil pesto, olive-tapenade, tomatoes, fontina, garlic butter, on levain and smokey tomato soup with a creme fraiche garnish. Those high quality cheeses and that lavender basil pesto really took it to the next level!


I ordered a full sandwich of the Jalapeño Popper: Local chèvre, Monterey jack, apricot-jalapeño relish on levain. This was so delicious and spicy! I appreciate that they didn’t hold back with the spice, and the sweetness of the apricot was a pleasant and welcoming surprise! This was thick, full of gooey cheesy layers – it was fantastic!!


If I ever did work in the area, I would be down to treat myself to their grilled cheeses again sometime. While I appreciate the quality of ingredients, it’s still a little steep for me to justify eating cheese sandwiches regularly!

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