A 23 year old student and Bay native encountering food from all of the Bay Area (and more, on occasion!). Submissions are always welcome! If you see your pictures here and want them down, feel free to contact me via the ask box or e-mail me.

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Jambalaya x Catfish x Fried Chicken x Beignets 

Angeline’s | Berkeley, CA


Savor Oakland attended the opening day of James Syhabout and Adam Lamoreaux’s new joint venture: The Dock and The Beer Shed.  Great 1st day of food+service. Looking forward to more great food :)

Mustafio’s Pizzeria (San Francisco, CA)



Maurizio, Morgan Hill, CA


San Francisco, CA

Left: Five spice chicken and vermicelli noodles.

Right: Beef stew with egg noodles.


Corner store San Francisco - Busy Brunch and Burger Joint

Been hearing about the Corner Store on Geary Street from a few friends.  Driven by a few times on a Sunday and lines were long.  Finally decided to show up one Sunday early before they opened to get in the first seating.  There is a Target across the street so if you show up really early you can get a little shopping done before brunch :-)

  • Biscuit and Gravy - Interesting twist in using chicken gravy that I would normally see with mashed potatoes on a biscuit.  They also offer vegetarian gravy too. Not sure about this one, guess I prefer my traditional sausage gravy with chunks of sausage and a bit of pepper
  • French toast and a side of bacon  - Decent
  • Corner Store Burger - Decent burger with bacon jam and cheddar and good fries

I can see why the lines are long for brunch.  The pace moves pretty quickly and the restaurant also offers outdoor seating with canopy.

Parking is street plus some people I am sure park at the mall across the street.

The Corner Store

5 Masonic
San Francisco 


Pepper Lunch USA (Milpitas, CA)


BAYFOOD FASTS: Getting food for iftar ready is very much a family activity. Since everyone makes the extra effort to be home just in time, we’re all usually in the kitchen anyway. While my mom and my sister generally make the food, I do my part in setting the table, getting the smaller things out onto the table, and being the time keeper! And as with any other year, my dad has to make his one specialty - Fruit Chaat. I actually wasn’t a fan of it when I was younger (because I had some fierce hatred against almost all vegetables and fruits), but it’s actually pretty good. 

Fruit Chaat is like a fruit salad, but a Pakistani version. It’s usually eaten in the summer months since it’s a refreshing snack. It definitely reminds me of summer as well since when I was younger, fasting was in the summer as well (because Ramadan is on a lunar calendar, and thus shifts 10 days up every year), and that’s the only time my dad has made it. 

He always takes out the biggest glass bowl he can find in the cabinet and then takes time to cut up the fruits. Our chaat consists of bananas, apples, grapes, and oranges, as far as the fruit goes. Once everything has been cut into chunks, you then add the fruit juices to increase the sweetness. This is a combination of orange and guava juice followed by some sugar. The final step is to add either Chaat Masala (we use the Shan version) or simply cayenne pepper. There are no measurements because you put in however much you want of each fruit or you can substitute other fruits or fruit juices according to preference. But this is a mostly traditional version, except normally there would be actual guava in place of the juice. Others also have added potatoes and/or garbanzo beans as well, but I personally don’t want those elements in a fruit salad type dish. 

It’s a nice blend of fruits that are both sweet and tart that mesh well together with the sweet juices and the spices. You get all of those elements in each bite. However, as shown from the pictures of this particular batch, I don’t recommend adding THAT much cayenne pepper! This batch was incredibly spicy and we had to temper it down with more juice and sugar to balance out the flavors. ;) 

The Fruit Chaat provides a nice contrast to the fried snacks that are put on the table and you get SOME nutrition (even though it’s packed with a good helping of sugar and sugary juices, heh). 

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Chaats and Currys (Sunnyvale, CA)


Jack’s Prime Burgers & Shakes (San Mateo, CA) - Mint chocolate chip milkshake.