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BAYFOOD COOKS: Since I’m celebrating the first day of Hogwarts, I had to make Butterbeer! I’ve literally had this recipe saved for four years, and just never ended up making it. I felt like Bakingdom’s recipe would be the most reliable since I’ve seen it reposted it everywhere and because she had gone to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and tried it there. 

I pretty much followed the directions completely, even if it seems kind of odd to put butter in the drink. This surprisingly tasted really good! I can see why people like it a lot. It has that vanilla richness of the cream soda and you get a butterscotch taste as well. The butter isn’t so prevalent where you feel like you’re drinking liquid butter, but I think it adds a richness to it. Also, this heavy whipped cream from Costco is AMAZING. It’s so thick and fluffy; once you add some sweetness to it it’s delicious!

I actually still have some leftover and plan to have some tonight! This was a successful recipe. :)

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BAYFOOD COOKS: It’s September 1, and that means the Hogwarts Express is taking students to the start of their Hogwarts school year! I’m a really big Harry Potter fan (as you’ve probably realized in past posts), so I wanted to do a couple of Harry Potter related posts in honor of it - especially since I didn’t get a chance to post on Harry Potter’s birthday. (tear) 

These cupcakes were inspired by the ones Crabbe and Goyle ate in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that were laced with Polyjuice Potion. Those cupcakes looked really good, and I haven’t really seen a recipe to try to recreate them - so I attempted! 

The cakes didn’t turn out as sturdy as those ones, but that’s because I was using a moist yellow cake recipe - which by the way is AMAZING. It is now going to be my go to yellow cake recipe! Since I combined a couple of recipes, I’ll link them in my brief explanation of how I made these cupcakes. 

First, I simply baked cupcakes out of this moist yellow cake recipe. I halved the ingredients, so it bakes about 8-12 cupcakes. I also used a low fat butter substitute which had salt in it so I didn’t add extra salt to the recipe (it equated to a little less than the sodium amount, so it was better for me). I filled the cups almost to the top since I didn’t want them to create a muffin top. I recommend either buttering your pan heavily so they don’t crumble when you try to take them out (which happened to me the first time I made these) or get cupcake liners. I ended up using liners in the end but I didn’t want those indentations, lol. 

Anyway, while the cupcakes were cooling down, I made the pastry cream filling that’s in the middle of the cupcakes. The only substitution I made was using vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean, and the recipe demonstrates where to put that in instead. The first one I made (from a bad recipe), curdled and tasted gross, so this was one is way better! I would probably add more sugar maybe or vanilla to make it sweeter. I picked it because I liked it’s glossy appearance and custard-like texture, which looks similar to those cupcakes. 

Once the cupcakes have cooled down, cut them in half. This part only proved tricky because these cakes were really soft - but you don’t necessarily have to use this cake recipe! Then on the bottom halves, I put a generous spoonful of the pastry cream and sandwiched the top half on it. After that, I put a big dollop of Nutella for the chocolate that is on top of those cupcakes. And that’s it! 

These were pretty tasty. The cake was really light and fluffy and the pastry cream wasn’t heavy either. The Nutella provides extra flavor and sweetness and it really adds to it with the chocolate and hazelnut flavors. 

I could see why Crabbe and Goyle would be enticed by cupcakes like these, tbh.

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The ACME Bread Company (San Francisco, CA) - I finally got a loaf of ACME Bread like I’ve been wanting for so long! They have a shop opened up in the Ferry Building, so I stopped by to grab a loaf to take home. I was hoping they’d have more of the herb flavored breads I know they’ve had (having eaten it at cafes before), but I ultimately settled on the Sourdough Rye - it’s a good combination for my household. 

It tasted really good; it almost had a nutty quality to it. That night, I paired it up with a poached egg and some basil butter. It tasted really good! I only wish I ate it faster because it doesn’t stay fresh very long so it hardened quickly. I guess I can make some croutons or bread crumbs out of it now! 

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Humphry Slocombe (San Francisco, CA) - I’ve been to Humphry a long time ago when they weren’t even in the Ferry Building. That time I didn’t try anything since most of the flavors that were appealing had alcohol in them and the non ones didn’t seem appetizing to me. But since we were here, I wanted to show my sister their fun flavors and I really wanted to try the ice cream for myself. 

Initially, I was debating between chocolate or the peanut butter one but I decided to be more adventurous. First, I sampled the cayenne cantaloupe, which wasn’t bad. I actually hate cantaloupe but I wanted to see what it was about. It tasted like a cantaloupe, but then you feel the heat of the cayenne in the after taste. In the end, I got the Horchata ice cream! I’ve never had Horchata before this, but I’ve been meaning to try that anyway. It literally tastes like a liquid churro to me. Amazing. It was so nice and creamy and you could feel the texture of the nuts in each taste. Horchata is a beverage from Latin America and Spain, made with several different ingredients ranging from ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts (chufas) depending on the country. 

The guy who was helping me put a huge heaping of ice cream, so it was worth the price of a single scoop. I wanted to be all cool so I got a cone, but that was a bad idea for me. I am too clumsy to handle a cone, apparently. It was also because I was in the sun so of course my ice cream started to melt, but I dropped it everywhere. Still totally worth it though. 

Delicious almondy liquid churro a.k.a. Horchata was a win. 

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Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco, CA) - Earlier this week, I finally headed to SF! It’s exciting being able to go places without worrying about my 30 minute limit or wearing my mask all the time because of the immunosupression. Since my sister is still here, I took advantage of that and we headed into the city and went to the Ferry Building. She had never been in there and I haven’t been in there in a long time, so it seemed like a good opportunity to explore. 

It was such a gorgeous day in SF - I was actually warm. I didn’t even need a sweater! There are many more stalls and shops than I remember! It was pretty busy for a Tuesday afternoon. Additionally, I didn’t realize they had stalls stationed outside as well - I thought the Farmers’ Market was only on the weekends, so that was a nice surprise! There was amazing produce, but I’m sure it was also pricey. There were also additional food stalls such as Tamales and Wise Son’s Deli. (I was this close to getting a Deli sandwich).

One of the shops we stopped to look at was Cowgirl Creamery. I actually hadn’t even planned to properly stop by their shop since I didn’t research if they were pasteurized or not, but I couldn’t resist looking at cheeses! They also had really good grilled cheese sandwiches at their next door cafe, Cowgirl Sidekick, and I would have totally had those had I done my research. 

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Sanctuary Bistro (Berkeley, CA) -.Chef’s Chèvre


Ajisen Ramen (Fremont, CA)


Gluten-free vegans rejoice! Using local, seasonal, organic, gluten-free, vegan ingredients, Barry Horton and Jennifer Jones Horton’s food is flavorFULL at Sanctuary Bistro

I had the great pleasure of attending a wedding this past weekend that was catered by these talented folks, and let me tell you people, I WORKED that buffet (yay for loose fitting dresses!)! 


From top left: salad made with local peaches, olive tapenade, mushroom-stuffed quiches (I thought they were tamales whilst dishing up) and ZOMG the lasagna!!!  

I found out the day before the wedding that Barry and Jennifer were catering the reception, and are former employees of Ravens’ Restaurant, at the Stanford Inn by the Sea, in Mendocino.

Having been to Ravens’ (which is amazing) I knew I was in for a treat. I thought I was making an exception from my usual gluten-free diet, but found out after I’d had two servings of lasagna that it was indeed GF. (Party on, Wayne!)

Soooooo, the moral of the story is BOOK YOUR RESERVATION ASAP and get your pretty selves to this fine, new establishment! 


From top left: Chocolate covered strawberries & cherries, truffles, mini chocolate cupcakes and Russian tea cakes (I’ve also heard them called Mexican tea cookies). I will never admit how many I ate of each…


Mango Garden (Fremont, CA) - Siam Salmon: Pan fried salmon, mango, and chef’s special laksa flower sauce.


Burger Meister (Berkeley, CA)