February bullet journal spreads: Floral Magnolia

It’s warming up and we just got through a heat wave, which means spring is on its way! When I think of February, I think of quick, seasonal blooms that only blossom during this month, like magnolias! I was inspired by magnolias I saw at the Smithsonian during my first trip to Washington DC over ten years ago. I also grew up with a magnolia tree at my house, so it was always so nice to see the flowers blooming towards the enter of winter as the sun started to come out.

To see how to create these easy monthly spreads step by step, watch my February 2022 Plan With Me setup to see easy, aesthetic and minimal spreads for beginners to get ideas to plan and track for the month! 

Here are inspiring bullet journal layout ideas that I’m using to set goals and to get organized in February.  To keep it consistent, I relied on the color palette from the cover page throughout my spreads since I only included the florals on the cover page. I set up my pages late, so I decided to minimize the illustrations so I could get my pages designed quickly. My YouTube video has a list of supplies I used.


I kept the cover page pretty minimal. I created a simple black border and then focused on a simple doodle of magnolias in the middle. I use two pinks, one light and one dark, to help create the gradient effect that you see on flowers with their different colors. I used my Tombow blending pen to blend the colors together so it created a watercolor effect. After filling in the petals with the light pink, I went back in with the darker pink and added some patches at the bottom. Then, I went in with the blending pen and went over the dark color right away before it dried out. I blended it up towards the light pink so the line would start to blend together. Though my Maisie Lane Co. notebook has thick paper, it did end up bleeding a bit onto the next page. I probably should’ve done the illustration on a separate page and then pasted it in like I did for my December 2021 cover page. I also added three circles and filled each one in with a different color of the palette I’ll be using this month. The circles will be a recurring motif throughout my spreads to help tie the theme together.

For my calendar spread, I kept it minimal and simple so the focus would be on the cover page. I’ve been enjoying these small rectangular boxes for my calendars lately. I put in key events at high level like birthdays or appointments and then in my weeklies I can add in the full details. I like being able to see all of my important dates at a glance quickly – the visual aspect is really important for me to get an assessment of the month. I literally envision a calendar in my head when I’m thinking about what’s coming up in the week or the month for myself. I used my three colors and alternated when I colored in the headers for the days of the week.


The theme of this month was also to keep all of my spreads simple and easy! As much as I want to create more elaborate spreads, I don’t have the time or the patience. The main purpose of bullet journaling is to be more organized and functional, not something that’s an art piece or becomes stressful to do. Since this month is short (only 28 days!) I decided to switch up from the usual calendar or horizontal grid. Instead of squares, I created circles for each day of the week. I started out by using my circle ruler, but the circles weren’t consistent even when I tried with the ruler. So, I put it aside and just free-handed them in. They definitely don’t look perfect – which is okay!

Then I moved onto the right side for my favorites spread. This is a page to keep track of things I’m into the month as well some key events or memories. This year, I want to change up the layouts for my favorites spread to keep it exciting, so I decided to use the circle motif again. I drew tiny, small, and big circles all over the page. For the medium circles, I did use my circle ruler so the outline wouldn’t look so wobbly. For the large circles, I used a circular object that was the right size for the page. These outlines did end up wobbly because I did the shape tracing in pencil, but I used a white gel pen to clean up some of the more obvious mistakes. I filled in the tiny circles with the color palette so it wouldn’t be totally bare. In the larger circles, I’ll fill in different words that represent my favorites and memories for the month.


My monthly/dashboard page is where I keep my monthly regular tasks, things to buy, various tasks I need to do this month, and I usually use a fourth box for my blog but I’m switching it out for home interior tasks. This month, that last box will be specifically for my bathroom! I moved in months ago, and it’s about time I get the bathroom together. The smaller box will be for a few key objectives to help me stay accountable for the goals i’ve set for myself.

Since I had an extra page, I decided to create a coffee score chart in here. I’m testing out a few different single serve pour-over coffee products and I want to keep track of my thoughts as I review them. This will eventually be content for my blog and social channels, but since it will take me some time to go try the products, I need a place to keep my thoughts. I often end up with these types of notes in my phone and it just gets lost in the notes app.


This weekly was so easy to set up! On the left side, I created an events sidebar so I could put any key appointments or events right there at a glance. I’ll use the daily boxes to put in more granular tasks for that day. Since I had extra space in the bottom-right, I made that a free space to jot down notes or anything else I want to capture in the moment. I keep my weeklies really simple so they’re easy to recreate when I do decide to create an aesthetically pleasing weekly. Most of my weeklies are really basic tbh!

And that’s it! This is my setup for February 2022. I’m excited to getting back on track with my spreads this month. I hope this jumpstarted you to put together your February bullet journal spreads or inspired you to start a new (or first!) bullet journal to stay organized and keep track of things in 2022! You can also Pin this blog post for safekeeping. 🙂 Be sure to check out my other blog post for fun and easy ideas for bullet journal themes! You can also see my 2022 bullet journal setup too!

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