August bullet journal spreads: terrazzo abstract shapes

It’s another busy month so I didn’t want to create intricate designs and themes, so I wanted to keep it clean and simple. I did the complete opposite of last month and went with a bunch of color, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. All of the spreads were so easy to sketch and fill in.

To see how to create easy monthly spreads step by step, watch my August Plan With Me setup to see easy, aesthetic and minimal spreads for beginners to get ideas to plan and track for the month! 

Here are inspiring bullet journal layout ideas that I’m using to set goals and to get organized in August.  My denik notebook is also ripping unfortunately, so I’m trying to be as gentle as I can with this notebook. I decided to go with this colorful terrazzo theme based on this really pretty washi tape I got from bobodesignstudio! I love the fun shapes, colors, and the metallic gold in this tape. To keep it consistent, I relied on the color palette and washi tapes to keep it on theme. My YouTube video has a list of supplies I used.


I’ve been using serif fonts, so I wanted to switch it up. I wrote out August in simple capital letters, switching to a new color for each letter, and then traced around it to create an outline. I also have heart stickers from bobodesignstudio that go so well with this color palette of the washi tape, so I added one to at the top of the title. I originally included the washi tape below the title, but I didn’t like how it looked so I switched out the tapes. Originally, I was going to keep the border as a simple black border, but I really wanted to include the terrazzo tape so it would tie the theme together. I moved it to the edge of the page where it’s much easier to trim off the excess with scissors.

For my monthly calendar. I created a simple square calendar for August to keep track of important events and birthdays. Since I went a little over with my tracing, I decided to include a drop shadow with my navy blue Tombow marker, which covered it up! I used the gold color for the days of the week heading and then used some of the lighter colors to create little circles in which I wrote the days of the month. I like to look at the month at a glance and it’s a great way to see what events are coming in the month.


I honestly don’t know how much I’ll use this spread because this month will be hectic for me, but I want to be more consistent again with my food blog. For the headings of the spreads, I decided to create the outline more offset from the text so it looked a little more whimsical. It looks a little better than the cover spread text, and is very forgiving if you make mistakes and it looks funky. Like my other content planning spreads, I divided the page up for my content pillars, and I’ll write down some of the content ideas I’ve been wanting to post and new ones that I think of. I’m still figuring out how to best utilize this spread so it’s a work in progress.

I’ve decided to use the monthly log on the right side as a way to plan for the month, since I often didn’t really use the calendar to plan things out. It did work when I used it a bit last month, so hoping for more success! I like highlighting the weekends with my marker, to divide up the weeks and really like that it’s another way to use some color on the pages. I wanted to keep this page pretty simple, so I just added a bit of washi. 


For my habit trackers, I kept the horizontal layout like the one I used last month. I really liked how they look and it’s a better use of space in my opinion. I accidentally drew one box too many, so I just made each tracker 32 squares so it looked uniform. I used different colors for the habit headings. Again, because my month won’t be like the usual for me, I’m not sure how often I’ll get a chance to fill out this page, although I have noticed a few of my habits are finally becoming a part of my routine! Being consistent with a task truly does pay off.

For my favorites spread that I’ve been creating since April, I’m using the same layout. I think I’ll keep using this template for the rest of the year since it’s pretty easy to replicate. In these different shapes squares, I’ll write down things I was into this month as well as some important moments such as seeing friends I haven’t seen in so long because of the pandemic and so on. It’s a combination of monthly favorites and memories. To spruce up the page, I brought in my different washi tapes and use the heart stickers here – which is what I first wanted to use it for this month! 


And finally, my weekly spread. This spread actually ended up being my favorite and it took NO time at all to set up! I drew four horizontal rectangles on each side and left room on the edges for the design. I’ve realized I do need a notes or a random, extra section, because sometimes I think of tasks I need to do and don’t have an idea yet of when I want to do it, so I just want a space to capture those random thoughts. It’s also nice because I have an even amount of boxes! Then, I brought back my bobo stickers, since I can use them for the days of the week headings. I’d been waiting to use these stickers for a really cool theme, and when I realized they matched so well with the terrazzo tape, it was a no brainer. I also like that the stickers are transparent, so it doesn’t have white borders around the actual stickers. Then, I brought my terrazzo tape and lined it up to the edge of the pages, just like I did with the cover. I cut off the spare parts and then added another strip next to it, to make the band thick. I really liked how this looked and turned out! I debated trying to line up the tape strips, but I didn’t want to deal with that frustration, which is why it might look a little uneven pattern wise. And that’s it! It looks like I put in a lot of work into this weekly spread, but the stickers and tape really cut my time in half. 

I hope this jumpstarted you to put together your August bullet journal spreads or inspired you to start a new (or first!) bullet journal to stay organized and keep track of things in 2021! You can also Pin this blog post for safekeeping. 🙂 Be sure to check out my other blog post for fun and easy ideas for bullet journal themes! You can also see my 2021 bullet journal setup too!

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