June bullet journal spreads: summer ocean waves

After a creative slump in May, I was so ready for this June theme! I’ve had this waves concept in my mind for a few months, and decided to postpone until the summer since it would be perfect for warmer months. Though I created this theme and spreads for June, you can easily apply this theme to any month!

I’d come across this image on my Pinterest home feed and saved it immediately. I made it simpler for myself and switched up the color themes because I didn’t want to have to use brown or the tan/beige color I tend to use regularly. I really wanted a muted and light color scheme for this month because I knew the title would greatly contrast, so I chose light blue, light purple, and a very light gray. The June title was in a deep burgundy color.

To see how to create easy monthly spreads step by step, watch my June Plan With Me setup to see easy, aesthetic and minimal spreads for beginners to get ideas to plan and track for the month! 

Here are inspiring bullet journal layout ideas that I’m using to set goals and to get organized in June.  To keep it consistent, I relied on the color palette to keep it on theme. I sporadically incorporated the waves motif on the spreads, but I didn’t do it too often because I didn’t want it to take so long to put all of my spreads together. My YouTube video has a list of supplies I used.


I’m really happy how this turned out based on the source image for this theme. These waves are so easy to recreate because they’re easy to draw and you can’t really mess it up! Originally, I’d seen several bullet journal themes that were inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa, a famous Japanese block print – which I love too – but that was more complicated to draw. I think this simple approach still gets the spirit of the calming waves but makes it more whimsical with the colors. I also like the idea of putting images into a circular frame – it’s also a short cut so I don’t have to have the drawing fill up the whole page! I kept the classic serif font for the title, and it’s used for all of the headings for my different spreads.

I brought back the calendar because the monthly log doesn’t fit more than one event, in my opinion. It’s not like I anticipate suddenly filling up my calendar, but it feels easier to add things in! I also like the way this simple, rectangular calendar looks.


Many people create a calendar spread for their monthly spread or log. Since I’ve moved all of my work lists and deadlines into a separate journal, I decided to use the calendar page as my blog’s editorial calendar. I can use it to visualize all of my deadlines and schedule upcoming blog posts, videos, and social media content. I realized I don’t need that much space, so I decided to create a one page calendar spread and did so horizontally – I really like the way it turned out!

The left page are my content pillars, where I can dump all of my potential and backlogged content ideas into the verticals they belong in, since I post about food, travel, and lifestyle. This is a great way to decide what content should go up for the month and then I can start plotting it onto the calendar. I will admit I haven’t used this spread as much as I planned, but it’s just because I haven’t had free time to dedicate to my blog lately!


I resisted habit trackers for so long because I felt like they were too time consuming to set up. 2020 changed that because I found it hard to maintain my routines in light of the monotony of staying home. It helped me stay sane by seeing that I could accomplish some of the mundane things like making my bed and keep me on track. It’s also nice to look back at the end of the week to see how well I maintained a habit. However, in 2021, I didn’t really feel like that was productive anymore. So, instead, I decided to change the title to “Focus” in order to highlight activities I want to focus on – such as my skincare routine, reading, walking and more. I hope this will hold me more accountable and make these things a priority. Having a dot grid journal also makes this much easier to set up.

The page on the right-side is dedicated to various to-do lists to keep track of regular, maintenance type tasks I need to do every month, one-off things I need to do this month, other blog tasks, and things to purchase. I saw a couple of bullet journal folks call this their dashboard as a catch all place to capture these types of lists, and I think it’s a great title!


I included a cleaning spread again for June… because I didn’t get to it in May! I also had a clear idea of what are the parts of my room and house I need to clean out, so I think this is actually more useful now that I can pinpoint the exact actions I need to take.

In my 2020 journal, I created a “Favorites” spread to keep track of shows I watched, books I read, foods I was into and more. It’s my way of trying to journal without actually writing down paragraphs. It’s a nice snapshot for what I was into that month and help me go back to those moments. Although I didn’t properly fill out those spreads (I still plan to!), I’m hoping to be more consistent this year. I also like the boxes because it gives me designated spots to fill info in without feeling like I have to fill the whole page.


These are two new spreads for this month! With California reopening, it’s easier to do some of my “normal” things and actually socialize with humans I don’t live or work with (although I see them virtually). The bucket list spread is a list of regular things I want to do, from grabbing coffee or spending time in some of my favorite parts of the Bay Area – and I know which friends I want to to do those things with!

On the right-side is my road trips spread. I don’t have a timeline for when or if these trips would happen, but I feel a little safer moving around the state with more people vaccinated (even though I am still high risk as an immunocompromised person). It’s still fun to feel like you can start planning weekend trips and adventures. I created sections for the different locations I want to visit, and will write down the sights, restaurants, and other things I want to check out in those spots.


I really liked the weekly spread I created in May, so I decided to use it again for June. I still wanted to keep it simple, so I used very minimal marker and excluded any washi tape or stickers. I divided each page into four columns and used the first column to label the three sections: events, blog, and tasks. This way I could call out any events/appointments, things I wanted to post or do for the blog that day as well as my personal tasks. This is also pretty quick to set up because the layout isn’t too intricate and neither is the design, which is perfect.

I hope this jumpstarted you to put together your June bullet journal spreads or inspired you to start a new (or first!) bullet journal to stay organized and keep track of things in 2021! You can also Pin this blog post for safekeeping. 🙂 Be sure to check out my other blog post for fun and easy ideas for bullet journal themes! You can also see my 2021 bullet journal setup too!

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