Ramadan Advent Calendar 2021

I wanted to do something special for Ramadan in my bullet journal and I wanted to do something different instead of a decorative page. I remember watching Caitlin’s Corner’s December 2020 plan with me video where she created a Christmas advent calendar, and I couldn’t get the idea of creating a Ramadan advent calendar out of my head. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen Muslim-owned small businesses create fun ones for young kids, which is something I definitely didn’t have growing up in the 90s. While I am an adult and do not have or live with kids, I still like challenges! You can see my setup and tutorial below in my YouTube video.

After drawing out 30 squares for Ramadan, I cut out slips of paper that I folded in half to create a flap and to fit into the squares. Once I folded a square, I glued down the paper into the drawn out squares. I followed Caitlin’s method for creating the prompts with the folded paper – I just made squares instead of rectangles. 🙂 This does take some time but it passes by quickly. Inside the paper, I’m going to write the prompt for the day.

These prompts were partially inspired by @muslim’s Ramdan instagram challenge, though I changed some so they weren’t photo centric and added my own prompts. I also repeated a few such as donating to charity or making iftar for the family since those can happen multiple times during the month. I added specific days for certain prompts like plan your Eid outfit so I have enough time to complete that task. I opted not to put in prompts that say Qu’ran, etc, because I often throw my journal around everywhere – like leaving it on the floor, so I figured it would be better not to write it in. For some of the prompts that require reflection, I’ll be leaving the next spread empty to write down my thoughts for that day.

After filling in my prompts, I’m used a gold washi tape that I got from Bobodesignstudio’s Patreon stationery mystery bag to close the calendar boxes. Some of them pop open, so I just decided to take a glue pen to seal the edges to make sure it’s extra secure. I then went in and added the different days on the boxes and put them in randomly so I wouldn’t predict what the prompts were – although I already forgot what is in each slot!


I recently purchased these chai party washi tapes from Hudhudcreations on Etsy. I actually found her from her TikToks and knew I needed snack themed tapes in my life and wanted to incorporate it into the spread. One has Desi or South Asian snacks (the blue) and the other has Arab snacks (the pink).  I decided to use the washi tapes to decorate the boxes. I took one of the rolls, and cut them into smaller pieces so one snack appeared on one box. I also did it in an alternating pattern so it was blue, pink, and so on. 

Next, I took two of my tombow dual brush pens, in a dusty pink color and a light blue color, to fill in the title. Like the boxes, I decided to do the alternating colors too. And that’s it! I can’t wait to open each box to complete something each day! I actually had a lot of fun putting this together and hope you do too!

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